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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rea015, Jan 4, 2008.

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    A supervisor, who does a good job, gets a promotion. A driver, who does a good job, gets more work.

    profound my friend profound!

    as we say in my part of the world spot on
  2. over9five

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    "A supervisor, who does a good job, gets a promotion."

    Really? Not much of that here. They stay at the same jobs forever, and when they are moved it's usually laterally - not really a promotion.
  3. Fnix

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    what country are you from?
  4. blacknproud

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    To bad we don't get that day off with pay!!!:happy-very:
  5. blacknproud

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    Too bad we don't get that day off too with pay...MLK day, give me a break, pay me for 8 or I am coming in, I know alot of guys that take that day off with no pay or use an optional day
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    What is the reason for taking off for MLK day? The next day would be the day to take off since alot of business wuld be closed for MLK day and then get 2x the stuff the next day.

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    Lets stay with the thread here

    Wednsday and Thursday I had over 180 stops.....I came in at 6pm because Its all residential and I didnt need a map for any of it

    All of a fn somethin', I get 180 stops of my regular work, then 20 stops in a town 10 miles away

    I flipped out, and had to make a scene before It was pulled off

    I will be asked 3 times a day to help drivers and everytime I say no

    I do my job well and my EDD box is always red and overdispatched
    I dont deal with this bs anymore

    I take my full lunch and breaks ( im just that damn good )

    You have to protect yourself when you're doing this job or you are gonna get screwed

    How they can bring someone in the office because they are an hour paid over and hold them to the computer's numbers..........but god forbid you do your job well and come in under the numbers and they make you feel guilty because you can still be out there working

  8. trplnkl

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    It's the old Blood/Turnip Syndrome, UP$ is infected with it.
  9. Heffernan -- to the guy with 180 stops...
    I feel for ya brother! I know what it's like. The guy next to me in at 5:00 pm, his old lady's calling the company every 1/2 hour wondering where he's at... I'm doing his drop boxes... and (4) other driver's on call airs. I'm in at 8:00 pm & the company is screaming because I take an hour lunch and I run an hour over with 115 business stops consisting of 315 pieces.
  10. backinbrown

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    do you not help your fellow teamster out if asked to go take some stops? im wondering why and am in no way judging is it because it wont fix the problem and mayby if people are out all the time over 9.5 and 10 or more that the loads will get fixed or you just want to see your family i can see both sides there but i allways used to tell myself i wasnt going to do it then when asked id feel like i owed it to my fellow driver to help them and now as i recall this i was asked alot to help others, id like to get my route done and leave if i do say no to helping others i dont believe it will ever come around to solving the problem so i will just take the OT i guess and again im not judging you just looking for different opinions on helping others, i know i have also appreciated when someone had to help me. what are your opinions im not starting a war here