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  1. kronosa2

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    Hey guys,

    I have 2 packages that were supposed to be delivered monday then tuesday of this week in Atlanta, obviously the flood conditions messed up some of that but the tracking system seems to be somewhat messed up and the agents I've talked to at the 800 number seem to be unable to give me much of an answer so I've been wondering if anyone could give some further insight/help.

    Tracking #s are 1ZWA32790361872173 and 1Z5Y9F330361367041.

    As you can see both packages came from the same place at the same time, one now shows an updated arrival scan (which the rep at the 800 said was Doraville but not Pleasantdale, GA...I can't seem to find the 2nd city as existing, just the Pleasantdale Rd., Doraville GA hub) at Doraville and one just shows a Destination scan in Doraville, and neither is showing as out for delivery even though they both appear to be at the facility as of yesterday morning. I live on the north side near 400 and travel between here and Doraville is as close to normal as can be expected, so it's kind of worrisome.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.
  2. scratch

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    "Pleasantdale" is our main sorting facility off Pleasantdale Rd in Doraville, so they are one and the same. The flooding is causing major problems, I live on the West side of town and most of the bridges are out. Sometimes these arrival scans are estimates based on normal weather and traffic conditions. I thought I heard there was flooding around the ramps at Spaghetti Junction yesterday, which is just South of our Pleasantdale Hub. If your packages were there in the building this morning and the roads are clear, then you should get your packages today. I am sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you get your shipment today. We are also having problems with employees getting to work, I couldn't get out of Douglas County myself this morning.
  3. Covemastah

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    We put a lot of pkges on the rails in UPS trailers,& it looks like there was a delay in the rail system. Bear with us ,we have alot of our people out due to the floods & UPS always does our best in times like these!! Hopefully you will get it soon! Or call 800 # and you can go down & pick it up at UPS goodluck!!
  4. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    Scratch...hope your family & your house are doing ok !! I went through a flood in early 90's up here in N.England and had 2 feet of water in my basement,it was aweful,but nothing like you people are going through... If you cant get any sump pumps your way P.M me your add & I can lend one to you till you get on your feet down there !!
  5. grgrcr88

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    Looks to me like they are moving stuff as close to the Atlanta terminal as posible and posibly holding it there until they have the ability to get it to its destination.

    Not certain of this as I do not know the conditions of the Atlanta hub, but that is my guess!!
  6. scratch

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    Cove, thanks for the offer, but we are OK. We just can't get anywhere yet. There is a big rail yard on the wrong side of the flooded areas, I don't know if that is a problem too. Its hard to be patient when we are in a business where everything is rush, rush, rush; but we will just have to deal with it.
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    I'd be more than happy to go and pick them up but every time I've tried that in the past I've been told that I couldn't, usually because the trailer or whatever that my package was on hadn't been unloaded yet.

    Really hoping to get these today, I don't want to risk anyone's life or limb or anything but I'm on a decently sized financial hook here...wasn't expecting them to take a week and a half :(
  8. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    And the good people of UPS never expected to get flooded out!! I hope your house & family are safe !!! Is this item something you can just go out & buy if you can get out and about ?? if so,buy it then when UPS gets to yourt house,refuse the pkgs..your pkgs seem to be sitting in a trailer at the Rail Yard that our people can't get to yet. So just be patient !!!!!
  9. kronosa2

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    They just updated, both show out for delivery scans as of ~5-6 AM this morning :)

    Thanks for the advice!
  10. scratch

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    Thats good news! You should get them today. Both your tracking numbers show a ground shipment with no signature required if you are at a residential address.