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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by aManager, Oct 19, 2007.

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    I saw a video of our future CEO the other day and he said that the company has done a good job cutting non-operating costs. But, he said, we also need to cut OPERATING costs. Can someone interpret that ceospeak for me - what do we have to look forward to in the district?
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    Less dead weight managers? :thumbup1:

    I'm sorry, but if I didn't say it, somebody else would have.... :laugh:
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    Not to shortcut mgmt. but how much do we solve without them thru cellphones and working for the good of our company. I think their is definetily dead weight, but then the handling of a center has been taken away from the mgmt team anyway. So why dont we just have Atlanta call us, and eliminate all the crap:w00t:

    the real UPS mgrs are retired, retiring or quit.
    The new guys "have a dream" and it wont work because it is unrealistic, which is why they went into mgmt.
    Its not their fault
    I met up with the sup who trained me, today......(he quit, got fired I dont remember) and he said he wouldnt come back for any amount of money, hes now in construction , he loves it, he looks healthy, not all stressed out. he said the pressure was so bad then, hes only heard the horror stories about 2007 and since. It doesnt have to be this way, why is it? Sad
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    Dirtier trucks. Long freeze periods on essential operations items (Uniforms, Pens, DR bags, etc). More driver harassment about OT/over allowed. Trying to find any reason under the sun to fire anyone who is top rate. Basically more of the same...
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    i saw my old sup the other day, the guy looked 10 years younger since he got out of UPS.:thumbup1:
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    Besides not washing our Package Cars like they used to, I have noticed they cut off most of the lights inside my Hub. When I return to the building, I have to turn on my headlights so I don't run over anybody after I pull through the overhead door. We also don't have a ceiling light directly over where our DIAD Racks are. No cookouts for Drivers after work or biscuits in the morning for a while either.
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    I concur with Griff. I see more stops per hour, more harassment on over 9.5's, and just more grief in general. Geez, how the heck do you cut operating costs? Less gas used? Fewer planes? Definitely fewer trucks on the road. Good grief!!
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    our uniforms are already on a freeze, lights in the building go off at about 11am & dont come back on until twilight starts up. our cars were filthy, insides were never cleaned but we recently got a new sup there & he's made a visible difference within 2 weeks. I know they're dying to cut routes in my center but just cant do it, too many people coming between 8 and 9 every night.
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    Outsource to China. Have trucks from Mexico run the feeder runs. Have a larger company buy us out (like he did when he was with II Morrow, an aviation electronics company). Make the company go belly up and get a few million like other CEOs do with other companies.
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    Dirtier trucks is starting to become the norm. i raised cane for 2 weeks just to get my windshield clean and finally had to do it myself! It never used to be this way. We have drivers washing their own trucks in the morning because it rarely gets done.
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    I know what you mean. Here though, I think its more because so many have gone driving, we just dont have enough part-timers...its harder and harder to find people to do it, even with having a short wait to go driving(under 2 years)