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    Hello everyone. I have a serious question which I was not able to find out on searching the web. Here it goes. Last weekend I received a D.U.I. I did not even blow over a 0.08(the legal limit), but because I am a minor (age 20), it is still considered a D.U.I. My question is, does UPS do re-occurring background checks after being hired? Will they be notified? I am extremely worried about this. Also I was just about to apply/take the MAAP test (I think it's called?) for a part-time supervisor.. If offered an interview and the job, will they do another background check for the promotion?
    P.S.- I hope not to receive any lectures. I know what I did was wrong and I am facing the punishment. I am a sophomore in college who made a stupid decision. I just want to know how this will effect my job/career at UPS. I do not plan on driving. Thank you for any feedback/advice. I appreciate it.
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    You can't be fired for it if that's what your worried about. You won't be able to become a driver at least 3 years. I have no idea how it would affect u becoming a supervisor.

    Although I will give u the advise that if u plan to make ups a career don't go I to supervision. If its just a stepping stone go right ahead.
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    Agree. Seeing that he is in college, I hope he uses that education to find a career. Problem is, college graduates are graduating with a lot of debt and not much in opportunities.
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    No, UPS does not do post-hiring background checks. And even if they did, it wouldn't affect you. You have what's often referred to as a "Baby DUI" - it's not really as serious as a standard DUI, depending on your state's laws. I recommend shelling out the cash for a lawyer.

    It will keep you out of a driving job for 3+ years, as stated earlier.

    It may affect your management prospects (which is a bad idea, anyway) but shouldn't de-rail them completely unless you want to go into FT management. I know of a PT supervisor that has been passed over for promotion 3+ times because he's had 2 or 3 DUI's.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    You've gotten good advice as far as ups is concerned.
    On the dwi charge, try to negotiate with the prosecutor for a lesser charge. Had a driver in my center got dwi. Negotiated charge, & plead guilty to reckless driving. Still lost license but its better than having dwi on your driving record.
    Good luck
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    It can be reduced, if you are very humble and have a good lawyer.
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    Thank you guys. Unfortunately, they will not reduce it to reckless driving. I am just more concerned if it will affect me going to part-time supervisor. I am not planning on making UPS my career. Just wanting to use the benefits and perks of a PT supervisor for school until I graduate. I am just worried if I will have to perform another background check for PT sup..
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    It may indeed have an impact on your plans to become a PT supervisor.
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    Or not.:devil3:

    Why not ask HR in your area?
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    So apparently you're not Dr. So and So's kid or your dad isn't the banker in town. Sorry about your misfortune---let me guess---too much green beer?
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    A good DUI lawyer will be able to get a DUI charge reduced, but its expensive. My son got thrown in jail at a roadblock one night in his college town after having a beer. We let him sit in jail all night since he is on my insurance policy and I told him he had better not drink and drive. The DUI attorneys promised they could get it reduced, but it would cost something like $10,000 in legal fees that I wasn't going to pay. My son was lucky, when the blood test finally came back it proved he was sober, so the District Attorney dropped charges. He learned a valuable lesson, he had to pay bail money and towing charges.
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    I had a little incident many years ago that aligns with this. Continued w/out finding, 9 months probation and around 10k in court/lawyer fees. It would cost quite a bit more now, but it can be done.

    Also, don't be surprised if your police report is a complete mess and a total lie. Mine was. I lost all respect for law enforcement due to the intentional lies (not errors, or mistakens) on there.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Driver I know just went through this, & very recently got license back. Maybe he should have gotten a better lawyer???
    It cost him a couple grand or so to get it knocked down to reckless driving. My state alcohol limit is .08, & he blew barely over that, (so he says). I would never drink & drive, but if I did & got arrested, I would definitely hire one of those attorneys that specialize in dwi.
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    Yes, they do comprehensive background checks. Whether it hurts you will vary based upon local management, HR and the perception of you. A person I worked with had a lengthy police record ... he beat the crap out of somebody (love triangle) and was placed on probation (while his buddies who watched, also UPSers, went to jail) for assault with intent to injury & also had some drug-related offenses that he was on probation for yet he was still promoted. (He was long a management favorite.)

    That's a very YMMV situation. My local jurisdiction has a zero-negotiation policy -- no matter the infraction, the county will not deviate unless you can prove innocence. And some communities/judges will toss first-time offenders in jail whereas others will reduce the infraction. A friend of mine got a DUI in Iowa (IIRC) and for first-time offenders not causing injury, it was wiped from his record (never even reported) after he paid a hefty fine, enrolled in a substance abuse class & went a year w/o any other violations.
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    I never specified actual alleged offense(s) but wasn't DUI. You are right, mileage always varies depending on those nuances. lol
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    They are not going to reduce your DUI the legal limit for anyone under 21 is .00 . Your most likely going to lose your license to.
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    A large majority of supervision have at least one DUI. No big deal
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    Don't ever blow. Just give them your wrists to take u in.
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    I advise everyone to know their state's laws. In some states, refusing to blow at the scene results in an automatic license suspension of up to one year; in others, refusing to blow at the station results in a similar penalty. Of course, if you have multiple DUIs on your record, this may not be a bad thing....
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    This is true. Just the advice I've heard from several lawyers for my particular state.