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    Do They Need For Him To Finish Off The Last Few Races Of This Season? Why Don't They Start Some Young Hot-shot Rookie Or Some Prospective Driver Instead Of Him. His Mediocre Finishes Are Driving Me Crazy!!!!
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    I think he represents YOU pretty well.
  3. 1980

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    Its the car not the driver!!!:w00t: Things will be better next year.
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    If you followed Nextel Cup you would know that the competition has got that much better. DJ has not lost his competitve spirit but the set up & equipment means so much these days. Good luck also helps!
  5. DS

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    I once was awarded a Dale Jarrett beer glass for getting about 5 grand in business for ups .It was a one time thing so it did not qualify as a sales lead.I cherish that glass ...lets get speedemon do the driving!!!
  6. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

    Yeah, he'll look real good driving in his Toyota with UPS on the side of it next year..
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    should the union bid to fill his spot? :tongue_sm
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    Somehow I can't help but think this time next year some will be saying
    "It's the first year for Toyota...give Dale another year to sort it all out."

    DJ is a wonderful God fearing family man that presents well on screen and in person. He's a safe, stoic, stable, recognizable icon, that fits in well with the image UPS desires to present. Unfortunately, his days of being truely competative in NASCAR....appears a thing of the past.

    Be thankful the next time he wins a race...if he does. Cause that's probably all you're gonna get.

    Hey, it could be worse.....Would you rather have Vickers knowing that he was overwhelmingly boo'd for his only NASCAR win to date.
  9. over9five

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    We need Danica......................... !
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    Having been a Darrell Waltrip fan most of my life, I see the same thing with DJ that I saw with DW in his last 8 years. He's thinking too much of the consequences if he sticks his car where maybe he shouldn’t. In the old days when their balls were made of steel, they would make the move and then think of what they should of or shouldn’t have done. I do think most of the problems are with RYR, but I also think DJ has lost his edge. And I think sponsoring DJ next year is a better move then sponsoring RYR’s # 88, but I really think the best option would have been to go with another team and/or driver. Before we signed with Mikey, there were rumors that both Biffle and Kahne were looking for sponsorship. And Kasey would have fit our image quite well. Do I think DJ’s days are behind him? Yes! Do I hope I’m wrong? Yes! But I don’t think so. As DW once said, better a has been than a never was!
  11. 8Years2Go

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    The Boo's were from the Little E fans. Had he only took out Jimmy "The Cry Baby" Johnson, They would have been cheers!!!

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    Why don't they give Vin Diesel a chance to drive in NASCAR?? If someone tags him like Vickers did you know he'll be waiting in the pit area to kick that driver's :censored2:.....
  13. over9five

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    "Vin Diesel "

    The Fast and the Furious, baby!
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    And what has Danica proved in her career....nothing. Maybe she could be like Crocker, and just end up screwing her boss, Evernham, and still prove nothing, even in the best equipment. Danica, is very very overrated, and will never be a front runner consitently, as a former Motorsports Writer for Speedworld Magazine, and Speedway Illustrated, that is the definite truth, because I have interviewed both.
  15. over9five

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    "..because I have interviewed both."

    Well aren't you special!

    Actually, Danica hasn't had time in her very young life to prove anything, but the girl does have guts. Imagine the potential, with a large corporate sponsor. The skys the limit when you have youth and money. UPS would benefit with a young, beautiful spokesperson.

    And to suggest that she'd "just end up screwing her boss" is just pathetic.

    Jarretts a great spokesperson, but his youth and drive to win are far in the past. Time for new (young) blood.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The Fact That This Girl Is Even Racing In A High Profile Sport Is An Accomplishment Many Of Us (men & Women) Fantasize. Why Slam This Gal When She Is Literally Pioneering A Profession With Skills We Can't Possibly Fanthom?

    You're Like Many Writers And Sportscasters Who Have Never Played
    Competitive Sports, Are Always Ready To Critique Ones Performance But Never Mentioning Your Personal Credentials.
  17. rngri4

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    4 Years college football and baseball at Shepherd College in WV, started racing when I was 16 at a local road course in WV, I grew up there, but moved away some time ago, and have raced the NASCAR Weekly Series here at one of our two local short tracks for years, have also ran in about 4 or so WOO Sprint Car Events at Williams Grove some time back, and was a reporter for Speedworld Magazine, and even had two articles published in Speedway Illustrated. I worked as a reporter part time while I was still part time at UPS, now I am full time in management for UPS, so I don't have time to write anymore, but I still love the good motorsports argument, whatever series it may be, from F1 to whatever!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I Used To Enjoy Watching Nascar When Ups Had Someone That Had A Legitimate Chance To Win. I Think People Are Confused About This Sport, You Don't Get Better With Age. Jarrett Is Too Conservative Out There, Where Is The Killer Instinct' And The Drive To Be In The Winners Circle??? You Guys Like Seeing Denny Hamlin Get All The Accolades?
  19. rngri4

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    Denny Hamlin is at best a 2 year season wonder....sort of like Newman...he was such a great contender for about 4 or so years after winning poles, etc, where is he now? On the outside looking in, just like Hamlin will be soon, right now he is getting better setups parts etc because he is the "team" driver in the chase, Stewart and Yeley are on the outside looking in.
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    Pa. Posse Sucz!!

    :lol: Just messin' with ya! Did you run regular with Fast Freddie and the other Posse regulars at The Grove or just do the 4 WoO runs and call it a day? Several other good Pa. tracks like Selinsgrove and Port Royal to name a few so being in the south with little open wheel action I envy you being in the middle of all that. And to make it better you're a stones throw from Blaney's Sharon Speedway and of course the great Eldora.

    Hoping the fractions within 410 Outlaws doesn't destroy the large sport because my first summer of retirement in a few years is to hit the road and follow the "Month of Money" and then top it off with the trip to the Grove. Hopefully in the middle of that some side trips to the other mentioned tracks along with a visit to Terra Haute Action Track. I'll probably start that year in Tulsa at the Chilibowl and then turn south for Dirtweeks as Volusia and East Bay. Who cares what's happens over at France's big track when the best racing of it all is down the road and across the state.

    I assume you heard that Ted Johnson passed away? Ted wasn't perfect but I have/had more faith in him than this new crew called Boundless Racing who now runs WoO! Our local track was the home of the old Hav-A-Tampa and UDTRA late model dirt series who sold out and became the WoO late model series and I'm real concerned that pooling all these together that when the ship sinks, a huge black hole in dirt racing will appear and nothing on the horizon I see is capable of building it back in any short order if at all!

    "Dirt is for racing and Asphault is for gettin' there!" :thumbup1:

    BTW: Big league racing is not about racing but is about marketing. Just because you don't win on Sunday doesn't mean you don't win the demographics race and the marketing goals. Dale and that truck has been one of the alltime best marketing campaign regardless of racing or any sport. You are hard pressed to find a soul in America that doesn't know the tagline, "Dale Race the Truck!" or who can't recite you line and verse of their specific favorite "race the truck" commercial. That has been where the success is at. UPS stuck with Dale because that whole advertising campaign has been built around going through the 100th anniversary of UPS as a company and it just so happens the time of DJ's retirement will fall right after that. DJ's deal with MWR is for only 2 years and after that UPS may just leave racing altogether because at that same time the deal with Bob Vandergriff and the UPS Top Fueler (3 years, 06', 07', 08')will end as well.

    NASCAR has topped out in popularity and is starting to loose steam. Longtime fans that built the sport have been alienated to some degree and now the word comes that the COT (Car of Tomorrow) will be a disaster. Having gone to my first NASCAR race in 1961' I've seen lots of changes with this sport but the drive to make racing TV friendly in the end IMO is killing this sport. That's why getting a driver like Montoya to crossover and Allmendinger to jump ship is so important to stir up the hype. I like Juan and hope he does well but this is where our sport is at now. Now you'll start hearing talk of going after Schmacher but I hope Shoe goes World Ralley.

    I've always suggested leaving NASCAR and that southern racers and southern race fans should really go back to our roots and that's exactly like World Ralley but with a catch. The cars would be big sedans with large and heavily modified motors and the car would be required by sanction rules to carry a prescribed weight in the form of gallons of moonshine in the truck. To make it even more interesting since NASCAR and everyone else is so hung up on team sports, each liquor car would also require a blocker car and you combine points for a total score. :tongue_sm

    It's funny that World Ralley is probably the closest type of racing to what was actually the birthchild of American Stock Car Racing!

    c ya!