Damaged Package/missed audit write ups.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Koll, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Do i have to sign these? My hub has started to make us sign for damages (basically writing us up) if the package is damaged upon reciept. How can we be held accountable for this when there is no way for us to know if something is damaged inside a box. (other than the obvious leaking or ripped open box)

    And believe me...if a package is damaged it's more times than not the fault of ups management and not us loaders. PTS break jams with their feet (kicking packages) flow gets piled up and damaged in the rafters because simulation send all our flow at once and the hub isn't big enough to handle it sometimes.

    And the user audits is a joke. Me and another loader was loading tonight and our PTS was auditing us and we asked which one was beeing audited and he said another worker on the other end of the belt..LOL. Yet if one of us missed one HE would be charged with it. The system is a joke and i don't feel we should have to accept blame for that.

    It seems to me management is looking for a scapegoat for their unability to manage the sort and take care of peoples packages and i don't think it's right to blame us for that.

    The're creating a false work history of me/us and it just doesn't seem right to me.

    Do we have to sign these write ups?

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    You don't have to sign anything. If I were in your shoes I would quit. Go work somewhere, where you don't have to sign anything. If I was damaging packages I would tell my sup that I will not sign his meaningless papers too, just to draw extra attention to my poor load methods. Sign the papers junior, and tell him you will fix it.
  4. Harry Manback

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    I agree completely, sign your life away. Sign for DNEDs when the packages arent on your car. Sign for Adult Sig Req packages that you didnt deliver to the neighbor because, we're not allowed to indirect them. Sign for all your exceptions. Sign for and give disposition for all RS3 call tags. Sign your OJS. Sign for the missed package you had because it was loaded damaged. Sign for being overallowed on the p/u that takes you an hour to make because, they wont send you any help to load all the over 70's. Sign your DVIR. Sign because you farted in the bulk head at 14:00 this afternoon. Sign 800 pieces of paper everyday, because we're goin green, baby. Sign because, signing is going to fix all the problems that you didn't create, but still bust your ass to work through everyday.

    Sign it and fix it, so THEY won't have to hear about it on the conference call.
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    Don't sign anything and always ask for a steward.

    If they want to write you up for damaged package going in the car your loading then don't load any package with the slightest dent untill a SUP signs off on it.

    I remember when an old timer told me that if your having a bad day you could always drop a TV and brighten your day up.
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    Flat panel TVs took all the fun out of that!
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    Not really Big, just lay the tv on its side and stand on it while looking for a package in the very back of the car. I have had a couple of RTS's for damage and have seen footprints on both sides of the box.