Damages now count as misloads?

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  1. thats what we were told today during PCM. Damaged packages that get loaded will now be charged as misloads.

    Any package that needs a tape job (and doesn't get it) I can understand, but this includes boxes that show no apparent damage on the outside but the contents inside are broken also. Am I supposed to shake every package now and listen for parts moving around (if it even has any)? Or just be psychic. Obviously any package that looks like it stopped elevator doors (or was caught in a jam on the juiced belts...ahem) I send to re-wrap, but come on.

    Anyone else get this message?
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    Didn't get they give you your x-ray goggles. All the drivers have them for when the customers say "What is it"?
  3. sadly I think they were nixed when we decided to run a "much tighter ship" this year. too bad as they would be handy....wait customers really do that? lol:laugh:

    when I order something I'm usually waiting for the UPS man because I know what it is and I want it haha. Yeah i could hold it at the hub and take it home, but wheres the fun in that? :thumbup1:
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    First I have heard of it but when they have 1,000 "SUSPECTED" damages at the end of the belt and then a clerk has to rack EXTRA HOURS checking... I think this policy will change...

    What is this "SEND TO RE-WRAP" you speak of??? We have to retape our own boxes...

    At the end of the sort I would have three package cars - each with five packages in them... I would write on all my packages D A M A G E D and have ZERO MISLOADS:innocent:

  5. if the box is mangled beyond repair (but sorted to our cage anyways through clever "placement") its contents are gathered up and sent to rewrap (put in a new box etc), most of the damages however are fixed with a simple tape job and we do those :-)
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    We still load our damaged packages. It is up to the customer to refuse it and then the driver brings it back and then it is RTS. It seems silly to load a box that you know is smashed but we must work as directed. A supervisor once told me that I get paid to load not think (the only thing I am to think about is making sure I put the right box on the right truck). Damages and bad PALs are not my issues. So I put all those types of packages behind the truck and let the driver know and if I leave before the driver arrives I put them on the truck with a note and they can take care of them.
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    It is UPS policy that a damage package DOES NOT get delivered to the customer. Good heads up that you leave the driver a note. PT sup should know better but do you think he really cares? He just wants all the packages loaded so he can go to his second job.
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    No they don't care,they just want them out of the building. So it is no longer their problem.
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    That is what I thought. I would hate for my glass object to be delivered if sounds like a rain stick. I know my sups don't really care and they think I care too much. Some packages do have stickers on them from the sender that say we have to attempt to deliver and that the customer can refuse. It just seems like a waste of the drivers time to attempt to deliver a package that we know is damaged. My drivers are used to my various notes about what may be issues.
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    It seems to me, a meeting on this subject ought to be given to the preloaders, not the drivers. We technically shouldn't see the box until out on the road. This would also uncover the preloaders who damage boxes on route to the package car, then allow the driver to deal with it all.
  11. I am a preloader, it was given to us not the drivers, its just they are holding us accountable for ANY damages even when you can't tell if the contents inside is or is not damaged. If a box is smashed I hold it out and fix it up by taping it if I can (if I can't it goes to rewrap for repackaging).

    The majority of broken boxes are sent to the preloader that way as a result of getting involved in a jam on supercharged belts or just in transit from hub to hub. :mellow:
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    "Didn't get they give you your x-ray goggles."

    Don't need them. If you hold down A K X on the DIAD and then press scan, it will display what's inside the package.

    Works on clothing, too...

    Aspen, can I scan that package you're holding?
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    Did I say that out loud?
  14. LMAO :w00t: In that case I need to go into driving stat
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    :lol: Now that was funny!
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    Uncouver preloaders who damage boxes on route to the package car??? It's the unload that pulls down a wall hoping that packages land on the extendo...

    It's about production not safety or keeping packages from being damaged... PRODUCTION FIRST...
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    This is my pet peeve```````````````````````````````AS I am struggling to have a day, where I can make everyone back at the bldg happy, and not have to hear the lecture, you know just trying to have a relatively smooth day.......I really dont want to deal with

    Question: What did you do to my pkg?
    Answer : Im sorry I did not personally do that, thats a size 12, I only wear a 10.

    Demand: Sit, Stay Heel. stay here while I check the packing list, and contents.

    Answer: Sorry, you have to accept or refuse, should you decide to accept this pkg, the return is your issue, or you can refuse it and Ill handle it.
    No No No that wont do it says check it before signing, on the box and yes it does..

    Just tape people, concealed damage is what it is, it can happen from transit, and the "vibration" in the trailer. I cant and wont deliver an open pkg, there are too many variables. Plus we arent suppose to have tape on our trucks to discourage pilfering.
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    dear friend...if you were my loader..I'd give you a $500.00 Christmas gift....however I have the blind, drunk, dyslexic slacker as mine
    keep up your good work...you'll be rewarded ..eventually
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    Not every loader walks the package into the car and sets the package on the shelf. I've had some damages from my loader standing at the back of the vehicle and tossing the package up on the top shelf or over a pile of packages blocking the entrance to the vehicle. Finding that liquid running down the packages on that top shelf was never any fun.
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    Oh, you are talking about padded enverolpes that we frisbee into to the 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 shelves?
    Are you talking about when its 7:30am, we are waiting for airs and our Supes tell us to "BULK IT OUT..." Then at 8:00am we can't get in to put the airs, seecond day airs, three day select packages?