Dangerous territory

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    Anyone else here feel we are overdue not only for a market correction but a severe bear market?
    A strong case can be made for S & P 1000 or possibly 500 ...


  2. Dont put all your eggs,in one basket.

    Keep ayear of two,in cash

    Then dont worry about it.
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    I have been in the market since 1986. This market feels like 2000 and 2008 but worse. I am taking ALL my money out. I personally believe we are going to witness a crash greater than 1929. I have been Bullish for decades (until this year).
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    I've got enough time to wait out any down market. Not worried. As you can readily see, the trend is to rise despite to downturns.
  5. Look up. 10 Talents
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    Rabbi I've?
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    I cant take 15 to 20 years of a major Bear market. We are in nosebleed territory. The 1929 crash and resulting great depression crushed my family. Prudence is called for when greed is rampant. Good luck to you all.
  8. Nope,lmao

    But an old story,that apllies to today!
  9. upschuck

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    There is hope yet! :angel:
  10. upschuck

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    How old are you? You must be TC who seems not to want to retire. :funny:
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    My great grandpa was a banker in 1929. My mom and dad lived through the great depression and had some stories to tell. What is TC?
    And no, I am not giving up my cush route soon!:biggrin:
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    We are not in nose bleed territory. Look up P/E ratios. Do I think we are due for a correction yes. Do I see a complete crash no way.

    The market is near the top of its historical P/E ratio but here's the thing. Earnings are forecast to go up 7-12% next year. That means the market could go up the same amount and be no more inflated than it is today.
  13. The market will go up! the dollar no!

    Best bet,pay your bills off.
    Best debt is,no debt.

    A few bucks in your pocket,and no debt.
    Is worth more than a big paper statement,and no cash!

    Do not live,beyond your means!
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    MONEY STACK.jpg Up to you when you want to make it rain lol.
  15. Hey...brother Jump...need a few duckies
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    No rain in the forecast, SORRY CHARLIE lmfao.
  17. Frankie says,Relax dont do It
  18. Griff

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    The bull market will end the moment QE ends. The whole thing will shift upside down faster than you can click sell.

    Anybody who thinks the whole market run-up since 2008 is because of a "recovering economy" needs their head examined and should probably stop watching the news.

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  19. brownmonster

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    Past performance is not indicative of future results.
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