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I have a question about those shipper release packages that pop up with the message about leave w/o signature. I think they have PP in the middle of the tracking number.
Anyways I thought that these packages were not insured and we wouldn't pay any claims on them if the customer ended up not getting it? Our center has started getting alot of DDFU's for these type of packages and it seems weird that if we aren't going to pay a claim, and charged them a lower price to deliver the package with the assumption the driver would only go by once, UPS would then have us go by the address several times trying to get the follow up signed.


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Most DFUs are a big waste of time. Usually I make three attempts with no luck at catching anyone home during the day. The few times someone comes to the door, they will say that they had just talked on the phone with someone the night before on my Center's staff. We are still sent out to get a signature on paper. And sometimes we don't see the DFU until the date it is due.:dissapointed:

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I'd show it to the OMS person or my Sup and explain it to them why it is silly to do a follow up on this particular pkg. If they still say to go and check it out I guess you have to. Over9.5 has a good point...it makes perfect UPS sense. :smart: