Dear customers....

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    Dear Customers,
    It is with great sorrow I must inform you we no longer give a **** what time we deliver your packages(aside from airs),care what shape the boxes are in or are willing to go the proverbial "extra mile" for you.You see,we have been saddled with near impossible work loads by some pencil pushing knows-nothing-at-all genius who thinks I have a start and stop button attached to my ***.
    Id also like you to stop asking me "whats in the box?" ,"whered it come from?" , "can you come back?" ...etc. The truth is, "I dont know", "I dont care" and "I dont have time".
    Maybe if you call our knowledgeable 1-800 number they will be able to answer your questions. But I somehow doubt that as I believe the same people who answer are the same people dispatching and coming up with unrealistic stops per car.
    Have a nice day :happy-very:
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    You got it wrong. I don't care what's in the box and never did it just a cardboard box to me. Again I don't carewho sent it and where it came from and never did it's just a cardboard box to me. As far the time you get you package if you want it early in the day we provide a service called NDA. If not your'll get it sometime before I go home if your a house call and before 5 if your a business that's not open 24- 7. IF we where to wait on every customer hand and foot nothing would ever get delivered.
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    I agree to a point. What happens if and when another carrier who does not have the higher cost of union labor is able to go above and beyond to assist a shipper by being flexiable so that the shipper can turn around their delivery in the same day? Yes, we can't bend over backwards. lets just hope the other guy isn't able to either.
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    I care and I still run through a wall every day. As much as we like to act like we don't we are still the best most caring service providers in the business. We are ups
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    I don't post on UPS threads because I work for X but, let me tell you something about our company.

    One day a woman (I sort of know through work) walks up to me and asks me "what do you guys do if a package gets misdelivered"?
    I tell her that our company can get a hold of us right away (that same day) and, I'm basically on my way to retrieve and re-deliver that package.
    She says that she had something coming to her through UPS and it got misdelivered 20 miles away. (how, I don't know, we both suspect the little white address label got transferred from another pkg.)

    Anyway, this woman saw that it got misdelivered and, she had already called UPS to straighten it out. They told her that they wouldn't be able to send the driver to retrieve it for about 10 days.
  6. UPSGUY72

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    That isn't even believable..... Next time when you make up a story at least make it believable.
  7. packageguy

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    WOW, That's telling him.
  8. DS

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    Recent corporate cutbacks have definately made it much more difficult to provide the services they promise.
    Service providers virtually have their hands tied trying to live up to their job title.
    I'm like 407,I'll do whatever I can to make a customer happy(within reason)
    We are no longer United.We are just a parcel service,and as a service provider I always strive to do just that.
    It's sad but my customers like me in spite of them ,the respect is dissapating.

    Here in Canada, Fedex ground has in increasing presence ,offering lower rates on non urgent shipments to the USA.

  9. packageguy

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    I still provide the same service as was trained, it just takes alittle longer,
  10. Re-Raise

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    I have the cell number of every driver within 20 miles of me. I would have called them while she stood there and had them pick up the misdelivered package that day if they were able to. It would be picked up the next day at the latest.

    10 days...?????
  11. guinness413

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    does UPS pay your celly bill?
  12. Re-Raise

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    No. I do get an ATT UPS employee discount though.

    I have lived in the area I deliver my entire life. I get called with any and all UPS questions in my area. I also can get a hold of any customer in my area with one or two cell phone calls., which helps when the weather gets bad.
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    Sorry, upsguy, but I believe the OP.

    I only left in Sept of '10 and most of my time was in feeders but I spent time in almost every department there was before that. Even IN feeders, we had to do some incredible juggling sometimes. So, in my 32 years at UPS, I've seen it go from a company that REALLY DID give service to the company it's morphed into today and is continuing to morph. That is, no more simple problem solving like this case. It all has to go thru Corporate. And that takes weeks/months/years.

    When I got out of sleepers near my last days and took a "brown" run, the rear end went out of our tractor. The driver that I shared with and I, put on almost 1200 miles a day in this tractor. The hub was in desperate need of tractors, we took out another one as a substitute for, uh, how many weeks? Try, four! Yes, FOUR! Oh, you say, that ain't much. Well, the new rear was sitting on the shop floor, waiting for Corporate approval! There actually was no choice, the rear HAD to be replaced or the whole tractor had to be replaced but they had to wait on Corporate approval. While we both limped along with the spare extra tractor that would barely get out of it's own way!

    I could go on and on and so could so many others on here but YOU know what the point is. NO MORE SERVICE! The name is not United Parcel Service anymore! It is UPS!

    I totally believe that, without driver intervention, it COULD take 10 days for a picked up misdelivery (as one other OP is having problems with) within the new UPS. Corporate numbers rule!

    Carry on.
  14. Mr. 7

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    I'm certainly not making this up to be some E-thug on here. I guess I'll just stick to the FDX threads. I'm not trying to start any flame war. I don't like FDX one bit.

    Just to clarify a little. This woman happens to be an on-call courier. She works for a messenger service that goes between banks and title companies all day. I see her every day. We're both (sort of) in the delivery business.

    The pkg. she was expecting was coming from ME to CA. Her elderly parents were flying out to visit right around Xmas time and they were shipping their clothes and meds. (they really needed the meds).

    I believe the pkg. was probably correctly addressed to be delivered to a town near Santa Cruz, CA but, it was delivered to San Jose, CA. Again, how, I don't know. It definitely went to the wrong station. The only reason I can see that UPS told her it would be 10 days is because this was right around peak. So, I'm sure you guys, like us, were slammed. Her husband ended up driving to the location it was del'd to and retrieved it.

    Here's a question for UPSguy, how often do you get a call to retrieve a pkg? Wheter it was misdelivered or, unclaimed? (un-claimed would mean that the recip. moved from that address)
    How often to you get a call to re-attempt a delivery just because you needed a sig. and there was nobody home? I do a lot of these.

    That's very good of you. I stopped giving out my cell num. to customers the night one texted me at 9 PM wondering where a pkg. was. I was just about to go to bed.
  15. hubrat

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    I don't doubt your story, but surely she was exaggerating.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    Last week they cut one route all route so I ended up do all the air for both routes everyday and business one the cut route and the whole other route less some house calls. i was still delivering business when I broke of at 4 to do my pickups.

    Well I show up friday at 11am just all week to a business that usually gets there stuff at 9:30. The owner comes out and ask who my boss was he was up set that because some of the stuff they get in each day goes out the door the same day to contractors. I tell they want to talk to the building manager and not my direct boss and give them the info they need to get in touch with such. The shipping/ receiving guy says it not you don't worry about it. I explained to both how they like to cut routes and make us work till 8:00 every night thinking they are saving money. My car wa crammed full of crap like it was peak all week.
  17. YouKnowWhoIam

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    Apparently thats happening throughout the company upsguy.Just do your best....just dont have late airs,misdeliver anything,get injured,have an accident,be over-allowed or be 9/5.Then everything will be fine :wink2:
  18. UPSGUY72

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    Ya the Hit squad is coming to are building this week. Going to give every over allowed a ride.
  19. Signature Only

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    Things aren't well here either. Management can't or won't fix things so the drivers and customers suffer..

    But professionalism dies hard in a driver..

    We all have each others cell numbers in my loop. Before leaving the building we just dispatch ourselves, moving NDA, resi stops and bulk between us so we can service our customers as best we can. We also cover one another's pickups if necessary.

    We just hate to see customers suffer from things beyond their control.
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    Make sure you hit every pothole