Dear Fred, It's Payback Time!!

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    Hey Fred,

    Thanks so much for treating us even worse than ever. Always pushing for more and more, and giving back less, especially now that you have the poor economy to use as an excuse.

    Because you're such a great leader, and always have us foremost in your mind,we're going to give right back to you. Non-attempted deliveries, sick calls, reduced effort, and a failure to fulfill the Purple Promise are just the tip of the iceberg.

    You're the greatest Fred!

    Your Employees
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    so much for loyal opposer, eh MrFedEx? are you sure ups doesn't want to hire you away from us? you have such a stellar resume. or are you not sure that the grass is really greener over there? you probably haver another 20 years in the work force ahead of you; no reason to hate every single minute of it.
  3. MrFedEx

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    When employees don't have a union,they resist in whatever manner they can, including some of the means I have put forth. Since you work on the Ground side, and are "independent", you don't really have any idea about how oppressive and/or coercive Express management can be, do you? Unfortunately, fighting-back by lowering performance or not showing-up, are some of the only means Express employees have to get any consideration at all from upper management. P-S-P is a joke, as are all of the other FedEx people policies such as GFT or Open Door. I still do a great job for them, as do many others, but I no longer work when I'm sick, nor do I make an extraordinary effort to generate business for FedEx.
    Sometimes, management only takes notice when there aren't enough couriers to cover routes and customers packages don't get delivered. Over time, the FedEx image will begin to erode unless upper management begins to make changes.
  4. Yes, he's the greatest - when you needed a job he gave you 1. What is your problem! Please go a get a job driving an ungly brown truck with no A/C in Florida. UPS drivers look like they just jumped out of a brown bag! They look so wasted, yet the FEDEX drivers look clean cut. Have a UPS driver walk in you place of business looking like a mess - it really shows your company and dealing with professional people. Have a FEDEX driver walk in your place of business and it looks like you deal with professional people - don't you agree? Get a grip - the Purple Promise was there when you needed it. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey FedEx Cheerleader,

    Keep on drinking Fred's Kool-Aid Troll-Boy. Please place your nose directly up his ass for best results.
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    The smelly brown driver sweats because he is lifting more than envelopes on his way to making $80K. Fedex big news today. Hard to make money when you send 3 trucks to the same stop at $5 a gallon. The purple is fading.
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    The monster is right. Long live the monster!
  8. Coldworld

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    You really need to stop drinking the purple coolaid. And sorry to bust your bubble but ups guys are the ones that the office girls want...not the piss ant fedex driver carrying the envelope with the jacked up fedex polo shirt on. Hey, google "hot ups drivers", and the "hot fedex drivers", and see what you get you dumb sheit! yeah, thats what I thought!
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    What's wrong with driving a brown truck in Fla.:angry: