December net pay for an hourly employee?

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    I'm deciding (and leaning toward) returning to work for UPS during my winter break as a seasonal. About how much does an hourly make during December (prime peak season) assuming working 5 days / week, on a 10.50$ rate, and including overtime hours? I've never worked during peak season and am curious what I'd be looking at for the end of the month.

    Also my FT supe said he'd be able to pick me up as a seasonal before I quit. What am I supposed to do to get rehired? Call HR or try to call him? Or is there some other procedure...should I call 2 or more weeks in advance? First time doing this, thanks.
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    Depends upon the building, the amount of work, the job you do, etc.

    Last peak was atrocious, there was only 2-3 real weeks of "peak" and overtime.

    Most of the shifts in our building were 5 hours a best, usually 4-5 hours for part-timers. Again, for maybe 2 to 3 weeks (10 to 15 days) there was around 5 hours, and a few (2-3) days 5-7 hours.
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    Dude stfu. FT supe told me he'd rehire me back for the winter if I could come back because I was a ******* good worker. Probably more than you could say for yourself, if I may make my own smartass remark.
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    thats depressing. I have always worked 4 1/2 to 5 hours every day. peak season here usually is a bit over 7 hours from what i hear i was only hired in april
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    now thats the way to get help here.:happy-very:

    The best person to answer your question would be someone that worked peak in your building last year. All buildings are different.

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