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    Don't know if anyone has had this happen to them. Today, at the end of my day a lady saw me coming towards her apartment and stopped me and asked me if I had her wine. I asked her which place was hers and she told me an apt I had attempted yesterday and left an info notice. The box had no markings saying alchohal or "adult sign req." She was definitaly over 21 so she signed for it, but I was very disturbed because had it not been an apt. stop, I would have DR'd it yesterday and apparently left a box full of wine for any kids to grab (which I have had happen when I first took the route.)

    When I got back to the building tonight, asked a supervisor and center manager what to do. The Sup said talk to BD and the center manager said that I shouldn't worry about it because there was nothing to do. Maybe he is right, but it really bothers me that we would let an obvious problem like that continue. Hopefully the shipper does there homework and verifies age, or that would really be trouble. Any suggestions...
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    Do what the barcode says. We have enough to worry about without fearing whats inside each pkg.
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    If it is an unmarked box and the tracking number is not signature required, I would not worry about it. Your Center Manager isn't. There is no telling what is in some of these boxes we deliver everyday. From a legal standpoint, it would seem that would fall on the shipper, since they know what they put in the box.
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    If someone came up to me on the route and said do you have the package you attemped yesterday and holding a delivery notice i would say "yeah i think i do have it do you happen to have an id on you just to make sure it is yours "
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    i work in a hub and i see liquor go through the system all the time. the only reason i know its liquor is because next to the label it has a sticker saying need sig. 21 over. or something like that. i even think a few have busted open during load, not very fun to smell that crap all day in a trailer, lol
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    It won't take long and you will get over this sense of worry. LOL

    BM, Scratch, and Bryishre are all right. You'll figure out that you don't have time to babysit all pkgs. Do what you think is right.
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    I have had this happen to me and have brought it to BDs attention. I had actually made a photocopy of the label (it was a delivery to a MBE) and handed that to BD.

    This raises an interesting point as to liability, whether direct or secondary.
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    I deliver alot of wine of the month club packages. Most of them come through as 03 without anything on them to indicate the contents. I brought this up to my sup and center manager at the strt of the year and was told to just treat them as normal packages and DR them.
    When I asked about any liability if the wine ended up in the hands of a minor, or on the local newscast about how easy it is to bypass local ABC rules, I was told to stop making up reasons to not deliver packages. Oh well, guess this is one of those work as directed times.
    BTW we recieved one of those things as a christmas present last year, so yes, I do know what is in them.
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    I would deliver it to her and go backl that nite an drink it with her too. That will get you of your worring about it.
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    i think if it is wine and you know its wine and the barcode has 03. i would go to the pkg info field and mark it as adult sig req. even if the center manager tells you to deliver it and you do and something happens your the one at fault you were the decision maker + your the one in the eye of the public. + with the way managemet is which = its always your fault
  11. toonertoo

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    I love the ones that say "do not to deliver if person is intoxicated" Now Im going to go to the door and say "sucks to be you, you are drunk, cant have it" "try to be sober tomorrow!"
  12. over9five

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    Lol, that was good, Tooner!

    Here in Mass, UPS can't deliver alcohol. It's the only time we can use "non-delivery, other, other".
    I have had CASES of wine, next day air, that I would not even take out onto the road. I've walked right up to a door, seen the "alcohol" label, and turned around.
    They are very strict about this here, because we had a huge issue several years ago with a liquor store that was a UPS shipper. One day a BATF agent with a warrant stops the package car in the parking lot, searches for the liquor store packages, opens them, finds the alcohol.
    Anyhow, this caused a HUGE problem for the driver! They didn't arrest him (could have, I guess), but he ended up being questioned, going to court, etc.

    I asked our clerk what happens to all that alcohol we bring back to her. She said she calls the consignee, and asks if they know anyone in New Hampshire that she could forward their package to.

    Only in The Peoples Republic....
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    I get a bottle of wine every Christmas from a friend in NY. The wine shop in NY ships it "03", no sig.
    And there is a lot of wine sold on eBay-do you think any eBay sellers are going to pay $5.25 extra at a UPS Store for adult sig? Not many!
    I also hear that Amazon is going to start selling wine, so plan on seeing a lot more adult sig packages!
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    Hiya Tooner!
    I will bite on this one.
    Since when did UPS train me to determine that a person is drunk? I have very little medical training!
  15. UPSGUY72

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    over9five your partly right UPS can't ship alcohol out of Mass but it can be sent to mass through UPS. It's a Federal law. I see bottle of wine clearly make from out of state come through are center all the time. But if a liquor store from in state tries to ship liquor though UPS in MA then it a problem.

    My wife the office manager of a larger liquor store in MA and they use to ship through UPS in CT all over the country but now just ship it FEDEX right from the store.
  16. rod

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    Heck most people can't even determine when they themselves are drunk:peaceful: