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  1. xkingx

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    I ordered a laptop from Dell..Used the number to get the UPS discount and supposively if you call that number it should ship UPS..Today i get an email apologizing for their bad online CS support. They give me the tracking number and state DHL will be delivering...Whats up with that? Id never use DHL, not in this area...Hopefully the ghetto fab couriers dont damage it...

    Did we lose the entire dell account? Ive been out on LTD for awhile so Im outta the loop...
  2. Pollocknbrown

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    no i dont believe so, unless it was over the weekend as per friday when i was unloading a few of my trucks i saw DELLs allover them.
  3. Jumperwire

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    I have bought 3 computers with the UPS discount in the past year and they all came DHL even if you called that # so it would ship UPS. I had my manager look into this and she found out that DHL is the primary shipper for Dell and we are the secondary shipper. It's been almost a year that it has been like that.....
  4. schor662

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    I believe it really depends on the region, etc. I now work for Fedex Home Delivery as a sorter and in the Denver area we have several hundred dell packages coming through daily. When I was with brown in Commerce City, I never saw a Dell package.
  5. looper804

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    Dell has been in cost cutting mode for about a year now.They sacrificed customer service and reliability with UPS to save $$ using DHL.We still get the call tag pickups that keep their customers happy.I know from talking to a few DHL drivers that they wish Dell would go back to UPS so they can go back to carrying their 1 pound pkgs.Dell will back.They left a few years ago and tried the USPs,that didn't last long at all.
  6. The Brown Santa

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    Haven't delivered a Dell in over a year...
  7. scratch

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    I got a new HP laptop last week. Dell doesn't support me, I don't support them.......
  8. moreluck

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    Scratch....sounds fair to me !!
  9. tritese

    tritese tritese

    I agree with scratch........i would never buy a dell.......
  10. old brown shoe

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    I had 2 call tags to pick up Dell packages that were suppose to be refused. DHL left them in the garage even though they said signature required on the package. Customer was very upset and was calling Dell to tell them to never ship DHL to them again. If UPS could not deliver them they would go somewhere else for there business. We will get them back in time. Service means more than than some people think.
  11. rod

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    has the way we do business changed? When I was delivering we were not allowed to pick up anything on a call tag that wasn't delivered UPS
  12. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    Yes we pick up packages all the time that are delivered by other carriers. I asked the same question when it first started. It is still revenue at least one way.
  13. Big Babooba

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    It seems that I rarely get a real call tag. Almost everything comes through as a RS1 or RS3. According to the boss they're different from a call tag in that the way they are billed, but do the same thing.
  14. Pasaholic

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    I thought we only made pennies on the dollar with dell, who needs the hassle and demands from dell for that?:happy2:
  15. retired2000

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    my son ordered a dell on line last week and it was shipped by fedex. they even called and gave them a window when the driver would be there.
  16. KTB

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    Dell comes and goes. I think every few months they see who will give them the best deal and switch to that company.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Hell with Dell..Hewlett-Packard is kicking their butt! I looked inside the FDX truck park next to me at this hospital dock....they had a ton of HP.
  18. RockyRogue

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    This is interesting, Schorr. I'm in Denver and worked as a helper AND on the inside at Commerce City. I unloaded 1/3 of a trailer of Dells--laptops, desktops, printers, etc--in March 2007. I'm almost certain I ran a couple of them as a helper. I guess it depends on the inside shift and the route if you have Dells. -Rocky
  19. CFLBrown

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    The only thing we deliver is stuff from the refurbished outlet. They are brown box w/ the black dell lettering. No more brown box w/ blue lettering. THANK YOU! You would never get those suckers off on the first attempt. Anything dell required a signature. Quite annoying.
  20. Ms Spoken

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    Well I must say I to fell victim for a new Dell. The XPS system is geared for what I need. When I asked Dell for UPS shipping the lady told me no because UPS never gets a signature. All I could say to the lady was BS and she needed to get her facts correct. But, I must say I did ask for the UPS discount and Dell did give me $200.

    So Fedx did deliver one package of the three yesterday(way to go fedx keep up the good work). Guess I will be seeing the ground guy on Friday. :biting: