Democrat Congress On Iraq War Funding?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 18, 2008.

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    "House Democrats are poised to approve at least $170 billion in new war funding early next month "

    What? How could this be? Are they trying to say when they claimed if they got the majority they would end the war, and clean house?

    "Such a move would clear war funding from the congressional agenda until well into the next administration."

    Oh I get it now they understand they will lose the Presidential election again if they are see as wanting to send our military to war but not provide beans and bullets.

    "You vote one time and get the money out of the way," said Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., chairman of the House panel responsible for the Pentagon budget.

    Wasn't this guy the spineless wonder telling us the war was lost? Why fund a war that is lost?
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    Tough political times...Worse rated president-Bush...Worse rated Congress-democratic-controlled...Worse losing presendential choices...Kerry and Gore..
    Now look what we we get this year...Not much improvement on the horizen..
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    have been accused of spousal abuse

    have been arrested for fraud

    have been accused of writing bad checks

    have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses

    3have done time for assault

    cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

    have been arrested on drug-related charges

    have been arrested for shoplifting


    are defendants in lawsuits



    have been arrested for drunk driving

    the last year

    you guess which organization this is?

    NBA, NHL or NFL

    up yet? . . .

    Scroll down,

    it's the 535
    members of
    United StatesCongress.
    The same group
    of idiots

    that crank out
    hundreds of new laws
    each year
    designed to keep

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    Well said in both posts Bad Gas!


    As for the girl, I can't decide if she is Hillary or Pelosi!
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    One tidbid of both Bush's opponents in the past two presidential elections----Gore and Kerry----volunteered to go to Vietman yet each lost controversial elections because they both were portrayed as effeminate, soft, elitists cowards.....
    However, the Bush and Cheney lives were completely devoid of any acts of authentic courage or toughness or the traditional masculine and moral virtues yet these manipulative psychological and cultural marketing tactics of the Republican slime machine rolled over reality and infected the entire media narrative, as it has continuously has for years. As millions of Americans who oppose the defining Republican beliefs nonetheless voted for Bush and Cheney because of the character mythology of upstanding tough guy versus the sniveling cowards. Ironically John McCain, who actually do had a life that exhibit these qualities of warrior courage, end up being rejected and depised by the hard right base. Go figure.
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    Again diesel I thought that if you flew a plane that would mean you were the pilot and I also thought that an interceptor was a fighter jet. So the term fighter pilot would seem to apply but I am not very well versed on Air Force lingo.

    Edit: If calling an interceptor pilot a fighter is offensive to any AF guys on here I really did not know better. So no need to pile on.
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    Your point is well taken AV8, and give Bush credit, he "spent two years on active duty.He served 18 months on active duty, not 24. Of those, 13 months were spent in
    basic training and USAF flight school, NONE of it flying F102s. It was his piling on to his Bio that is getting questioned here.
    Because of personal problems, such as excessive drinking, poor airmanship and a
    reported fear of flying, he quit interceptors in April 1972. The self-grounding left him 30 months short of the asserted six-year period, which he had promised to complete under his sworn Guard obligation as a pilot who received flight training costing over a MILLION dollars.

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    Oh ok. I thought maybe you were trying to claim that he was not a pilot or something. I thought it was a little odd that you linked to a website saying he was a pilot but you have confused me before. :laughing: