Democrats, Are You Being Well Served By Your Party Leadership?

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    Gee Nancy,

    If he's been such a failure as you say, then why have you literally given his adminstration everything he has asked for?

    Again I ask Nancy, if such a falure as you say, then why do you run legislative block for the Bush adminstration when members of your own party raise the question of impeachment?

    If the relationship between republicans and democrat agendas is so far apart, then why in the nearly 8 years of the Bush Presidency has he only used the veto a total of 12 times. I mean FDR used the veto over 600 times and he even had a friendly democrat Congress to work with and you wanna 8itch about GW not being one to play ball.

    I know GW threw you under the bus the other day and you had to swing back but he was off the reservation too as you've been his best friend and given him what he wanted when he asked. As I said, you've given him the keys to the Kingdom but why don't you 2 be honest with the American voter. Let's tell everyone the real scheme shall we.

    It all about oil boys and girls and both parties are using oil as an election year weapon on one another at our expense. Bush could have easily a long time ago rescended the executive order banning off shore drilling but he saved it for the heart of the election year as an election ploy. Now Nancy and friends are also playing politics as they are saving off shore oil till Jan. 09' and hopefully the new Obama WH and solidily democratic Congress and then they'll move with all swiftness to free up off shore drilling. The problem is ifthey open up OSO to drilling, the otherside might look the greater hero and they can't have that now can they. Both sides have been playing games from the get go and like mindless leemings, we're to braindead to figure it out!

    This whole thing is nothing more than an episode of Punch and Judy and we're to damn stupid to figure it all out.
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    Published back in April 2005', pretty interesting now looking at the nominee of the democrat party and the actions of the democrat Congress. Well worth the read IMO.

    The Republicanization of the Democratic Party

    by Anthony Gregory

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    Democrat John Edwards finally admitted to having the affair.......weeks after the Enquirer reported it. See, lots of truth comes out of those Enquirer stories.

    Now it's all the coverage on Fox & CNN.

    He's a slime-ball!
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    John Edwards going on TV.....still lied. He claimed he never paid this girl any money, but maybe his benefactors did. The Enquirer is getting ready to report that not only did he know about money being paid, but he orchestrated it himself.

    He'll be trapped in more lies. Keep watching & reading.
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    This just confirms the whole lawyer being a slime ball thing...:wink2:

    Mistress' Family Challenges Edwards to Take DNA Test

    The family of John Edwards' former mistress, Rielle Hunter, is challenging the former senator to take a DNA paternity test after his claim that he did not father Hunter's 6-months-old child.

    I see John Jr. or Joanett jr. on the way...Maybe he or she can be a lawyer too, what a story they'd have!!:happy-very:

    John Edwards, go fix your hair you putz!
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    WOW More, you're really worked up about this aren't you!
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    I'm just soooo excited that the Enquirer is finally reaching main steam America with news.....that turns out to be true.

    Actually, I cut and pasted that larger print from an e-mail I was sending to a very "hard of seeing" person....too lazy to re-type it......sorry! :wink2:
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    Not defending his poor judgement but at least John boy was up front to his wife and family of admitting to this back in 2006'........I'm sure he recently lied to reporters cause Americans are just to uptight and not ready to differentiate one's politics to their sex life. Europeans are much more comfortable and advanced when it comes to separation of sexuality and politics.
    However, if you are going to determine that Edwards is not fit for the senate or the highest office in the land, you have to apply the same standard to McCain, whose behavior was even more atrocious with regard to his first wife.
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