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    Hello all,
    I just got my insurance(central states health plan). There’s isn’t a Humana provider in my area. I want to get the free Dental Oral Exam & Dental Cleaning Benefit. Is there a fee if I were to use an out of network provider. I wouldn’t mind a small fee if there is any. Thanks!
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    You can use any provider, and if they charge more than allowed by in network provider, you pay difference, I believe.

    You must live in tiny town, because were I'm at, decent sized city, we have several hundred that are providers.
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    Out of network costs a lot more. I would only go that way if there were no other option. There should always be someone in network withing driving distance.
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    Call Humana and ask them for the list of participating providers in your area.
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    You guys don't get a big book every year listing all providers? What kind of :poop: insurance company are you dealing with now? They must have a web site you could get that info off of too. You guys really do need to strike
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    I heard things got better with Teamcare

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