Depth of knowledge bs.

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    Anyone else getting sick of this whole depth of knowledge bs? Its like really another idiotic thing to harass your drivers who make you all your profits and work their behinds off for you. Its so kindergarden if you ask me. Sure i get where their coming from on it and all with safety. Thats a no brainer safety. All the drivers apply all of this everyday on their routes thats a given but to ask you to tell it all like mostly close to word for word is just plain old stupid. Im like what do we work at an engineering firm now or something or a at a big braniac nerdball place. We sling boxes and drive a truck it aint that stinkin hard to do as long as you pay attention and know how to do the job and use commonsense you know. Yup just another kindergarden thing to trip on by the idiots. Were grown men and women were not in grade school. Anyway you guys know what to do on the post. Hit it back yall. Some will agree and some will hate its all good everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this forum.
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    All good kids like milk.
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    I like your a avatar.
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    Use your power zone and that LOAD STAND that you don't have in your truck!!!!!!!!11
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    you know what im saying 407. your old school dogg lol
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    Well said.
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    Most of the time I'm not smart enough to remember that stuff. I have to remember my daily life stuff and have a good grasp of the contract. If I can remember and they want to pay me to learn it I will but remembering it forever will be a lost cause. It's to boring and I don't hit :censored2: how I'm doing it now.
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    Im sick of it dude. Lets be real some us can remember stuff better than others, thats a fact of life. That doesnt mean a guy or a gal who can spit it out word for word is any better a driver than a person who stumbles through it. Everybody has a different memory. Some people who have been out of school longer than others or those people with different issues such as anxiety,add or any other type of issue may have a harder time remembering it. Thats the truth and if someone wants to dogg that person for any of the those issues that the person may have is just not cool and its wrong.
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    It's not a condition of employment. If you are being harassed file a grievance under article 37. Your business agent should have several decisions and agreements on this subject. Stick to your guns.
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  11. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Or, volunteer to come in thirty minute early (on "safety" time) to learn it. After a week or two, nobody will bother you again.
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    Lately it's been every 2 weeks my on-car has given me a big 2 page long thing to fill out where we have to write out the whole big long dok sheet by hand each time. It takes about 20 minutes to do so last time I didn't bother doing it and didn't hear anything about not doing it.

    They also once a month have been calling us all in 20 minutes early to do computer tests and to fill out a dumb dok workbook. Annoying.

    Then there is the lovely "arrow up without reading me" bs safety messages 1-2 times a day on the diad. Talk about distractions...
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    ​And then go Over 9.5 and file on it!
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  15. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    ​No, really. Once you start to cut into the "safety committee's" poster-making and test-grading time, you'll be off the hook.
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    I love how all the drivers in my center who recite that garbage word for word are the same jack wagons who have accidents as soon as they pull off the lot. Anybody can memorize that stuff, it doesn't mean you know what you're doing when you're out there.
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    Look sharp. Don't get cut.

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    Good thing I always do my safety questions with our steward, who's on the committee, and understands what it is.
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    a planned day, is a safe day......Oh nevermind, planning doesn't exist anymore
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    I'm not going to memorize this stuff word for word, I really don't care.