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    I stubled across this forum while trying to find any information about how to contact HR. They have been impossible to contact. My husband is in a medical situation and I am desperate for information. First I was given a number to call. That number was automated and gave me the number for the local HR in Atlanta. That number gives a message about the inbox not taking calls and has for over a week. I was able to contact my husbands center and get a number directly to the HR nurse. Unfortunantely she has been out on vacation and apparently the whole HR department went with her. My husbands supervisor also told us that HR will not speak to me, but will have to speak to my husband directly. Problem is my husband can't talk to them.

    This is our situation. June 22, while on vacation my husband had a mental breakdown (best description I can think to give) He was taken to a local hospital which gave him a knee jerk diagnosis and sent him off to be another doctors problem. They were not covered on our insurance so we had to work with our insurance to find a psychiatrist and he had to wait until last Friday to see him. The doctor was not comfortable treating him due to the severity of his symptoms and asked him if he would consent to hospitalization. My husband is desperate to get help so agreed. He is now currently an inpatient in a short term behavioral health hospital. He may not be released to come home after his 7 day maximum stay and may then be transferred to a long term facility even though he is there voluntarily. Reguardless of being released or not, he may be out of work for a long time while he adjusts to medication that may or may not help him enough to be able to work again. I doubt that it will come to never working again, but in the meantime there are bills to be paid and the supervisor will only put up with him being out of work for so long and thenhe looses his job and we loose medical coverage.

    My main question is what kind of help can we get through UPS, HR, the union or whatever to save his job or possibly help pay bills. Is there anything? I doubt that applying for disability through the government would pull through until after our 2 year old graduates college. What do I do? Where else can I go to for help? Anyone have an inside line on HR and how to get someone to speak to me?
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    Find out who his shop steward is and tell him. Get the number of the BA from the steward and tell him too.
    You must know one of your husbands co-workers who can get you this information. If not, I'm sure the sup would have the steward call you.
    Good luck, I hope all turns out well.
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    I would get started on applying for short term disability. If your husband has been working steady for awhile, this weekly paycheck should be almost the same as his regular paycheck. (at least in CA.). We have our health benefits for one year with short term disability too. I am sure more people will chime in with possible solutions also. Good luck.
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    Emberpatch, dig out your husband's Summary Plan Description (SPD) booklet. It should have chapters on Mental Health and Weekly Disability Pay, etc. and explains all the benefits you are entitled to.

    UPS phone numbers are published in a directory on:
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    You must contact his sup and manager ASAP. There are forms to fill out and short term disability will turn into long term disability. Contact his shop steward and have the UNION INVOLVED ASAP. Good luck