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    Now I know this is a UPS forum but maybe some DHL guys is on here and can answer some questions for me. I went by and picked up an application for employment from DHL and talked to a lady that gave me my app. Now, I really been considering either Fedex or DHL. I have nothing against UPS and did consider them as well. The biggest thing was that UPS and Fedex was hiring only part time package handlers at night and I need full time hours being I'm married and have children. DHL is hiring full time drivers right now. Now, I'm gonna be taking a pretty good paycut starting out. I was expecting that but was wondering how often do raises come up and how much raise is normally given at a time. The lady told me one figure per week (salary) and after I learned the route then I get another $50 per week. I'm thinking about filling out the app and turn it in next week and talk to a guy the lady told me to ask for (he was out driving the day I was there due to being short drivers) and ask him all the details. I'd really like to know if this is something I can get up in pay in a decent amount of time. Thanks for any info.

  2. All depends if it is a DHL-subcontractor, which it sounds like. If so, you will never, never see any type of good money. There is the chance if it is a contractor that it is an union barn. If they ever get a contract, or have one you will make ok money. Only if you work directly for DHL(no subs) and are in an union gateway or barn will you ever be able to make good money with bennies(the most important thing at a job)
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    Thanks for the reply. Where I work at we have a DHL driver come by on his stops and pick ups. Friday I was waiting on him. He came by and I got a few minutes to talk to him. I asked him about it, and he said they max out about $500 a week if your a sup. They are contracted and they have no bennies. He's been there for 2 1/2 years and about a 1 1/2 years into that a different company bought the contract and took over. He said then all of their vacation time started over, none of it would carry on. He's just been able to put in for his "one week vacation" for working for the new people a year, but been at the same place for 2 1/2. That's all I needed to know. There's a Fedex Ground about 5 minutes from my house and he knew guys that worked there and they are in the same deal as he is. There is a Fedex Express in the town that I work now and I'm gonna go talk to them Wednesday on my day off. I'm open to any other suggestions. Thanks again.
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    Think again about UPS, yes you start out as part-time, but you can also air drive and be a temporary driver once you are there for about a year (at least in our center.) You can get 40 hours if you play your cards right, double shift, drive air etc.
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    I think it varies how much DHL drivers make.
    I`ve known the driver in my area for about 12 years,as he went through 3 buyouts of courier companies and finally ended up DHL.He knows the area as good as I do.He has very few bennies but he`s doing pretty good financially. He starts at 6AM and loads his own truck,takes as much as he can do,and hes usually done by 6PM.He owns his own truck and has to pay to maintain it.Some days I think he actually works as hard as I do.
    Its funny when a big volume shipper moves out of our area,he`s cursing and I`m saying thank god...shawnster...go for ups ,its a lot less risky.

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    i work in cincinnati ohio. it is a union barn and top pay for courier is 21.37 per hour. when hired on you start a 70% of top pay at the time. next raise is 12 months to 80% next raise is at 18 months 80%. final raise is at 24 months of full time employement. to 100% top pay its a good job benefits are very good. 1 year vacation after first full year , full time. 2 weeks after 2 years. three weeks at 5 years. still have 1 year left on five year contract if you need to talk more i can give email address. good luck

    by 10:30 am or its on us. DHL
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    I was in a similiar boat that you are in. I chose UPS. You don't get alot of time starting off but your benifets are equal to that of a full timer somewhere else. If you work pre-load you can do another part time job after. Depending on your seniority, you can pick up double shifts. It's different in different places but at our hub any work over 5 hours a day or 25 hours a week counts as overtime for part timers. I have had no problem making full time income as a part time worker for UPS. And despite the fact that supervisers have to follow all rules regarding seniority and what not. You will find that if you do your job well and are a respectful employee, most will do what they can to keep you happy and willing to stay. If you can make it work for the first couple years you benefit much more in the long run financially.:wink:
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    A union barn? Maybe in Cincinatti,but in most places the driver comes in at 6AM loads his truck that he has to buy, and pay for his own gas and get done by 6PM.If he wants a holiday he has to arrange for a qualified replacement.DHL is no holiday except where you live,no benifits or squat.
    10:30 or its on us?
    Gimmie a break...
    send us all the email address...
    10:30 or its on impossible
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    I haven't seen a DHL van on my route for weeks. Are they still in business here or have they packed up and moved back to Germany?
  10. hi everyone
    all DHL vans are mostly owner driver in IRELAND
    they were always rumered to be on more money than ups drivers
    but i went for an interview and salary was $1500 less per month
    and no overtime !!!!
    UPS not too bad:w00t:
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    I think the benefits as a part timer would be worth it to your family, they're probably way better than what you can get even as a fulltime DHL driver.

    You could always supplement it with another day job untill you can bid on something good.
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    you get excellent benifits at dhl if your in the union .63 dollars a month for dues and that covers health and dental insurance and you also get a teamster pension .
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    hey keith, so do ups have a large operation in ireland? How many trucks are out of your building??Is there domestic service there?Didnt ups buy out a shipping company in great brittan?
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    Curious about double shifts

    I just started at UPS working nights, and i asked them if i could start working doubles, my supervisor's answer was "just show up for the previous shift". I do wonder how many doubles i can work in a week, because i am considering other employment options, if i can't make more money. I have a friend that has been at ups 13 years, and he loves it, and he keeps begging me to re consider the options, for the benefits are good. He also told me since I have an Associates Degree in COmputer Networking may help me land a job in the IT department. The only thing i am worried about is, i heard the corporate positions are not backed by teamsters. But on the good side of things: can i hear any other corporate greedy companies say "free benefits, and also pre existing illnesses are covered for the whole family". DIDN"T THINK SO.

    OKC, OK
  15. If anyone is seriously considering DHL above UPS for an employment option they have not done their homework. Look at the financials and balance sheets and that alone should help you decide UPS will be a good long term decision. The only downfall of UPS is its' affiliation with an antiquated group of thieves known as the IBT
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    DHL guy here. Seattle Teamster, former Airborne guy. Eleven years, $22.73 hr pension med & Dent. It has served me. Not long ago it was announced UPS will airlift for DHL. Thats around 14k people in ohio out of work and a town soon to be in ruins. Out of five local clustert stations mine is the most productive. We will be shut down. Today management is either bailing out with a severence or being let go. Twenty announced today. I heard we are dumping dell and Joanne fabrics. Anyone need a midddle aged guy with a broken down body? I work well with pain.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Must have already happened, I've seen the FDX ground guy delivering Dell and also at the JoAnn Fabric dock.
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    I know a guy who just got on as a driver for fedex express. They sound like a decent outfit to work for as they are employees of fedex (like ups drivers are employees of UPS) and don't have to own their own trucks, etc... There were 200 applications for the 1 driver position. And they guy I know who got it has family who work there. I'm just saying that to geton with fedex express you might have to know some people.
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    sucks, my dad put in 13 years at DHL here in indianapolis...out of about the 200 they had before, only the top 20 on seniority list are gonna keep there jobs.....he was like 98th or somethin......he expects to work a few more weeks
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    The effects of DHL are not over.
    More Tough Times For ABX In Wilmington

    Last Update: 7:22 pm

    Clinton County wonders how long it will continue to see planes land at Wilmington Air Park

    ABX Air says they will be cutting 228 more jobs.

    Those affected will be notified by December 19, but the company could announce more job cuts on Monday.

    DHL plans to close down its airpark in January, costing 8,000 jobs.