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    I dont even know why the union did not do anything about this.

    I have a buddy called me from the center I can from and he told me that they are using the GPS. He told me that the first week they asked a driver to help another driver, the driver then told the center manager that he still have 40 stops and he will punch out at 7:30 , the center manager then told him that he NEED to help because they KNOW that he only have 10 stops left and that they know where he is at. :surprised:

    Now this is a warning to those of you who loves burning routes. They know where you are and they know you are done at 3:00, you cant hide anymore.
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    Big Brother has always "been watching" --- but thanks to all the new technology you ain't seen npthing yet
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    radio off comes in handy :)
  4. good points, hopefully all of the "runners" will start to slow it up to an average pace and start forcing them to put a few more routes back in. If for anything, slow up to save your back and knees so you can try to complete this job without being in a wheelchair once you retire. The average teamster dies 6-8 years after retirement.
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    The average American male dies 3 years after retirement.
    It's the slowing down after retirement that gets ya.
    It's better to wear out than rust out.
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    He's lucky he didnt get terminated for lying about how many stops he had left.
    There is contract language that spells out how and when the company can use GPS data for disciplinary purposes.
    As far as I am concerned, the truck belongs to them and when I am on the clock my time belongs to them. They can put whatever gadgets in it that they want to monitor me. I have no expectation of privacy in a public place or in a UPS vehicle. If they instruct me to go take stops off of another driver I will work as instructed, and if doing so causes me to be over 9.5 hrs on a continuous basis I have the ability to file a grievance.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. :wink2:
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    that is true thats why my grandfather still works60+ hour weeks. he hates having days off.
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    thats a scary little tidbit.
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    There are drivers that are done at 3:00????
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    How well does the GPS really work though? Plenty of times I'm sheeting a stop where I know I'm in the right place and the alert tone goes off telling me that I'm not in the right place...
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    I don't think it works that way with the new Telematics. I actually made the PCM list for "recording while idling"
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    The DIAD's use of GPS is only as good as the historical data. UPS only knows where an address is after we've delivered to it a number of times. If someone repeatedly sheets 123 Main St at the McDonald's during lunch, the DIAD will believe that 123 Main St is the address at the McDonald's. Now when someone actually sheets 123 Main at 123 Main, the DIAD will believe you're at the wrong place.

    After the stop has been repeatedly delivered to the correct location, the data will fix itself.
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    Good Grief! I've been out injured for 2 years, hopefully going back into the fray soon, but my Lord, what all have they changed to keep up with us. Is the GPS in the car or the DIAD? Does the DIAD tel UPS how many stops you have left, real time?
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    I just got to take a look at and play with the GPS computer in the office that shown where the stops are located and how many each driver has delivered and has left.
    One of the nice things about it is that each route is color-coded and superimposed onto a map. It is very easy to look at the map and "get the big picture" of how the various routes interconnect. Dispatch errors resulting in shags and overlaps become very obvious. This tool will help new managers get up to speed on their areas a lot faster.
    To the drivers who fear the "big brother" aspect of it...just remember the technology works both ways. If you run it according to EDD and you are driving in circles and getting nothing done, it will show the problems a lot clearer than if you just complain about it. If the guy who runs your route while you are on vacation skips his lunch, takes shortcuts and makes you look bad, the new technology will show that also. Instead of arguing with an arbitrary, inflexible WOR that simply says you are overallowed, you can go in and actually SHOW your manager where you went, what you did, and what went wrong.
    I trust management about as far as I can throw them; I am a stickler for covering my ass. After looking at the new system, I dont feel I have anything to fear from it.
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    We had a driver punch out at 4:00 this pm. That would be fine and dandy, more power to him her is the kicker. He called sup and says I'm very heavy need help. I get a call if I could help I agree. I punched out at 7:15! He just burned a bridge with me so there will be no next time if he feels he has too many stops!!
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    as much as the new gps system bugs me, i'm not at all surprised. You really think UPS is going to allow drivers that freedom if they can stop it? it's all about cutting cost, as i'm sure you guys know. I heard the argument that the gps will help with dispatching OCA's and all that but obviously it's because they want to see which drivers are driving out of bounds, wasting time, etc. That being said, if you do your job, keep it honest and don't take 3 lunches, etc then they can track me via gps, sky camera, whatever the hell they want to do. someone mentioned not trusting management, and i feel the same way. I'm sure this sounds all negative and stuff, but don't get me wrong...i've said this to a co-worker before: UPS as a company is great, and i'm proud to be an employee. It's the people in charge making bonehead decisions that gall me the most.
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    The drivers that choose to run off their stops, prerecord their stops, bonus, will always be overlooked by management,,, numbers are too good, it is the drivers with the lousy time studies done by the IE guys with their heads in the computers they carry that have to bear the difference.... You can cheat no matter what, but it is always up to the supervisors to hold certain people accountable... If you bonus by an hour, then you can get away with it, but beware, they are the ones liable to get into a major accident or screwup and then you will see who has your back, and baby it ain' management.... Kharma gets you.
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    you bring up a very good point. I asked my manager point blank: if i get hurt, or if i hurt someone on the road...or if i hurt myself because i'm trying to achieve the numbers YOU want out of me, will you step up and say it's your fault? will you come forward and say that you were the reason for the accident/injury? He plainly said "no". so if they won't risk their necks for the results they want why should I?
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    Each accident/injury is evaluated based upon the circumstances of that incident so for your center manager to answer a question like the one that you posed other than the way that he did would be foolish on his part.