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  1. surviv'n_it

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    Hi everyone,

    My center just started us on the diad IV today which I really wasnt too impressed. Besides the shifting between numbers and letters, the board froze up a lot, the battery didnt make it through an 11 hour day, and it would hold messages sent to the center for about an hour and send them all at once.

    When I got back in, I heard the same stories from many other drivers who's batteries died, boards froze up, and some even complained the shift button didnt work at all. We had 4 drivers actually punch out a minute before 12 hours with quite a few stops all placed as missed.

    Is this what is to be expected now? If so, bring back the older diads, I had no problems with them.
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  2. bisongolfer

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    That's interesting...

    When my center rolled out DIAD IVs in March, we rolled out 85 DIADS, with only one failure. It also improved ODS messages almost 300%, because we can now reach every single one of our drivers and the longest lag time between messages is only about 4 mins, versus the 25+ it could take sometimes to get messages to our drivers out in the sticks.

    What area of the country are you in? I know I've heard about DIAD IV having issues in hot climates.

    While initial reaction at my center was negative (heaven forbid we have some change), most drivers now love it, and when they see and feel a DIAD III, they wonder how they've used that big thing this whole time.
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    We had very few problems if any. People just had to get used to it. The only people that have problems with messages are the ones that are far from the center in the rural areas. The shifting back and forth from alpha to numbers takes getting used to but everyone here had it down after a week or earlier. Many signatures were jacked up that first week. I think everyone had jacked up signature confirmations. The last name "Adams" would probably have came out as "A34ms". Just for example.
  4. who me

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    Our DIAD IV's would default to letters only when clarifying last names.
  5. surviv'n_it

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    Maybe it was a temperature issue, it was in the high 80's yesterday. I personally like the style of the DIAD IV, I just cant wait until I get used to the shift between alpha and numeric. The screen would just freeze up at stops and it would take a minute or two for it to clear. It scared me each time as my route starts almost 45 minutes from the center so If it stayed frozen, it would be awhile before a new DIAD could be brought out. I really dont want to have to sheet stops up on paper.
  6. surviv'n_it

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    Thanks Big Arrow,

    I am about 40 miles from our center so that could have been a problem for the messages, which will be disappointing since the DIAD III never had a problem out where I am.

    I guess there will be bugs they will need to work out and in time it will be better off.

    Thanks again.
  7. scratch

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    About three weeks ago they built an air-conditioned cabinet to hold our DIAD 4 racks in. We were told that they had a hard time recharging batteries in hot temperatures. Interesting that UPS gives its equipment A/C but not its Package Drivers.:mad:
  8. iloadthetruck

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    Actually, scratch_king, charging Li-ion batteries is a very sensitive process... too much heat and they could explode, or lose their charge capacity too quickly. About ten years ago, there were a lot of problems with newer laptop computers (Apple in particular), where batteries were catching on fire while charging! Li-ions are very sensitive to both ends of extreme temperatures... in fact, they are sensitive, period. Perhaps it would have been better to go with older battery technologies for the D4... who knows how long the DIAD III models were in use? I'm guessing that the D4 may only last half that amount of time.

    Drivers, on the the other hand, don't catch on fire in hot weather... they just sweat.

    Surviv'n: Message coverage with the D4 will vary. It really depends on the wireless provider. The D4 essentially is it's own cell phone, so it is programmed for the preferred carrier for your center. If you happen to work mostly in an area that isn't covered by that carrier, you won't get good coverage. This wasn't a problem with the DIAD III because the DVA ran over the old (now deteriorating) analog cellular systems, which weren't very picky. Now that interface is built into the D4 and is digital (CDMA, IIRC) like a modern cell phone, and, just like today's phones, one carrier will have great digital coverage while the other is lagging behind.
  9. ups79

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    are the diad holders still located above the gear shifter, right in the front windshield where the sun beams through all day? i think they better air condition the holders(but of course inorder to meet your "sporhs", seldom is the diad in the holder).
  10. scratch

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    Yes, the DIAD holder is still in the middle of the dash directly under the windshield in the hot sunlight. I think that all Package Cars should immediantely fitted with a strong air conditioner so that our DIAD 4s can be kept cool.:wink:
  11. over9five

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    "..all Package Cars should immediantely fitted with a strong air conditioner so that our DIAD 4s can be kept cool."

    It is really the only sensible thing to do. We must take care of our equipment.
  12. Ms Spoken

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    I sure could use a cool place to keep my Ice Tea cold.... Sorry but the Diad IV would take a ride on the shelf because my right arm would be stuck in the AC vent for the diad... Such a nice thought..