DIAD Specilal keys looking for some help

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by 2badknees, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. 2badknees

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    We now have DIAD 3 and there are some new keys ( spec 1 , spec 2, spec a and b) I have used the keys for over size and irregulars,when used I can run scratch,if I don't use them I will run 3/4 to 1 hr over. One of the sups told me I can not use the keys because that is not what they are for but he will not tell me what they are for and I need to pick up the pace. If the keys are not to be used whyare they there ? UPS is charging the customer for over size so why would I not be able to get credit for it.I can not find a DIAD 3 handbook to check the use of the keys. If anyone is using them or has any info it would be a great help. Thanks
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    goto special count on the soft keys. You will find ars and over sized package there.You have to arrow up to the over 70's. You can do the same on pickups.
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    You worry too much about paid over. Do what the sup tells you. I never heard of taking credit for oversized or irregs, only over 70s as kid says. Ive never been told to use the special keys youve mentioned.
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    You get them also for consignee billing, although it is a very small allowance.