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    Headed to driving school next week. My sup says I must finish the Diad training on computer and pass with 90% to obtain the certificate and take it to school with me. Anyone know if this is true? I've been cramming the diad training for 2 days and having alot of trouble. My inst. sheet from HR says I gotta have CDL, DOT card, Browns, and know the 10 and 5. but doesn't mention diad. Any other tips or suggestions as to what to expect at school appreciated!!!!!
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    I assume you are talking about Integrad ... if so, then I have no first hand knowledge but the number one obstacle I have heard from others that have is not knowing the DIAD backwards and forwards.
    Many of them said the best way to do this is become a Saturday Air driver to give yourself time and repeated use to get the DIAD down.
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    You don't need to know anything about the DIAD for driving school. They will teach you a "little" at school probably with the DIAD 3 like how to scan a package and COD stuff. Don't worry the person who you drive around with on your first day will help you out. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to learn to use one. Once you have one in your hand with the EDD loaded you should be able to learn pretty quickly.
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    or driver helper during peak
  5. I attended Integrad and graduated. Here is a link to what I posted about this: http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f6/integrad-training-330849/index6.html#post769934

    Below is the actual post. Hope it helps!

    Graduated Integrad!! All of your advice was truly helpful - most especially testing out early for the 5 and 10, so it's not hanging over your head during the week. Most grateful to my HR department for having us memorize the 5 and 10 prior to going, and having us practice driving ahead of time out on the back lot. This made a HUGE difference in not feeling so overwhelmed at first, because INTEGRAD throws ALOT of information at you all at once! The people who had not done this ahead of time, were behind the 8 ball already and several failed.

    Driver drill came easy(especially because my HR rep told us about it ahead of time and told us to practice it daily while driving our own personal vehicles) - It's like doing an "M" - and they only want you to say "hazard" or "clear". It goes Left Mirror; Left Curb; Eye-Lead Time; Following Distance; Speed; Right Curb; Right Mirror; Right Curb; Eye-Lead Time; Following Distance; Speed; Left Curb; Left Mirror. You keep doing this pattern back and forth for 2 solid minutes.

    There was also Driver Commentary - you had to call out everything your brain was processing, so they know you are seeing everything: ALL signs; crosswalks (clear or hazard); Intersection (hazard or clear) - Left/Right/Left; Driveway (hazard or clear). Then when you are stopped at a light you go through TIMS - Traffic light red; Intersection - Hazard or Clear; Motorists and Pedestrians (stating whether they exist or not)....my brain is fried, I can't remember the S...right now; you also call out all you do - parking brake on at red light; space between car; when light turns green counting aloud 1-2-3 seconds; announcing any crosswalks, intersections being clear; Another thing is announcing "Billboards" - any trees, buildings, oversized trucks....anything that limits your view of ANY area. The key to Driver Commentary is JUST KEEP TALKING....ALL THE TIME...NOTHING IS INSIGNIFICANT...EVERY OBSERVATION MATTERS.

    Integration Station was the hardest for me. It helped to time myself, just to gain some perspective. I set up a practice course and used a rolling chair, as if it was me driving, and going through every motion necessary. I realized I had WAY MORE TIME than I thought. And once my mind relaxed from the time pressure, things came easy. I picked up patterns, such as when coming to a stop - it was always "Parking Brake"-Ignition (off)- Hazard(s) (lights on).....each person has to find what works for them to remember the methods.

    And the best advice of all from y'all was "If you want it bad enough, you'll do what it takes to make it happen". Extra studying, asking lots of questions, practicing in the hotel at nights, etc. this will ensure your success.

    Good luck to any other future Integrad'ers.

    I can tell you that Integrad training gave me pride in the job and a huge sense of accomplishment. It was an excellent training course (not perfect by any means, but truly excellent.)

    Thanks to all of you BC'ers who responded - again, I am truly grateful for your well spoken, clear advice.
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    praise the lords I learned all I needed to know back in the days we used paper.
    Always have your clipboard handy, have extra sheets of carbon paper, carry several pens, and find someway to keep it all dry on a rainy day.
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    Lol, haven't they perverted the **** out of that!
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    Yes you do need to know DIAD. If on the final test you beep the diad more than 3 times they can fail you. You also have to drive through a fake town and deliver packages. You are timed when you do this. Do not hit any curbs, do not forget to take your keys out of the ignition, and make sure the bulk head door is closed at all times. The diad has been a big reason for fails and you cant return to school for one year. I went to Maryland to integrad school and I am now a supervisor for the preload.....trust me it isnt a cake walk. You do not need a CDL for package car, but you do need a DOT physical and you do need your browns including socks. Also take shoe polish....they are like the military when it comes to uniform presentation. Hope this helps a little...GOOD LUCK
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    Sounds like a cult :)
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    We just had to know the 10 and 5. No diad training. Saturday Air helps with the diad immensely. You will do much better with an actual diad in your hands. Good luck.
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    Wrong, 100%. You have to pass a DIAD quiz, independent of INTEGRAD, to even proceed into the driving school. At least here. If you do not satisfactory complete the initial DIAD quiz and 10-5 you may not get to INTEGRAD.

    The DIAD section, 10/5, are both given by HR.
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    We didn't have to know anything before going to driver school. Training costs money.
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    Yeah that is why I said "here" because lord knows this company has zero consistency in its polilcies. lol

    This was also for FT bid routes, at least when I went.

    For Saturday Air, air driving or something PT or casual/seasonal, the DIAD testing and 10/5 may not be required to advance to integrad.
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    We have one driver school for all. Is integrad driver school?
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    You still have the website where you do the training on the diad before going to driving school? I want to look up a few things.. I though it was http://learningcenter...???
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    I never really understood why people have trouble with the DIAD. When I took the class most people were the same as you. I really think it's just nerves. Slow down, and LOOK at the screen. Everything you need to do is on the screen...Just push the number next to what you want to do. It's really not hard, or confusing. Years later, I still couldn't recite exactly what keys to press to do what without looking, but while working I rarely have to look at the screen. Most of the time your doing the same thing (or same button sequence) over and over again. What you need to do is get your hands on an actual DIAD, not the PC version. A real DIAD won't let you choose the wrong thing, it'll just beep at you

    ....Then again, I never could understand how people could have trouble using a computer.
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    I went to driver school when they were figuring out if training for the DIAD was important. It wasn't important the week I went. Thank God for Saturdays.
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    I remember when we transtitioned from 50-line paper delivery records to the original DIAD I in the summer of 1991.

    A lot of the older drivers really struggled with the technology and it took them many days if not weeks to get comfortable using the DIAD. Unlike me, they had not grown up in the 80's and had never spent hours feeding quarters into a Pac Man or Missile Command console, and the entire concept of computerized delivery records was outside of their personal frame of reference. I personally couldnt wait to get my hands on a DIAD, and when it was finally my turn to "go live" it took me less than half an hour to become fully proficient with it.

    20 years later, and now I am the "old fart" who needs his kids to help him figure out Facebook and who refuses to upgrade to one of those newfangled "smart" phones. I guess everyone has a cetain level of technology that they are comfortable with, and anything beyond that is pushing the envelope.