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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Unregistered, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Try this in the morning if you have the new DIAD w/ GPS.
    Our current "version" is 05 04 18 I think. This can be found at the top of the screen on the "main menu" Press 6 for communications, then press 8 even though it's not an option. The GPS screen will then come up. Displays a bunch of info. Look 4 or 5 lines down and you will see your EXACT Long & Lat. I wonder if the DIAD also records this when you sheet a pkg?
  2. brownny

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    you bet it does. why do you think it is in.
  3. wornoutupser

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    We are on DIAD 3 and that worked on my board!
  4. DS

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    Were on diad 3 as well and I`m gonna try that tomorrow.
    The thing about this that scares me the most is not your immediate sup giving you a hard time,its them doing it from
    some distant gps ups location firing people from afar.
    I can picture it far above the clouds on some huge distant mountain
    with a name like "UPS Global Sattelite information acquisition observatory"
  5. over9five

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    Manager to driver, "GSIAO says you were 1/4 mile off route yesterday"

    GSIAO sees all....
  6. DS

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    I noticed theres an IP address indicated near the beginninng of the text.I expect that there should be a computer that communicates with it.Maybe we should offer it to the customer so they can see where we are.Just park in the Wal Mart parking lot and wait.Honestly though,I doubt it would affect me,my area is urban and fairly tight.Imagine having one of those GPS displays on the dash like Lexuses have,doing unfamiliar resis at night ? No map book!
  7. over9five

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    I have heard DIAD will include maps eventually. The screens are small for that, tho.

    Does anyone have color in their DIAD 4 yet? I've heard commit lines of info will be different colors.
  8. Delivered

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    I also noticed more info when you do the same thing but press 9 insted of 8. I'm sure big brown brother will be watching sooner or later if ther aren't already. I can just see our OMS watching a computer screen with little brown blips just like and air traffic controller. But they will still dispatch the an on call air that i'm not even near.
  9. scratch

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    We went on DIAD 4 Monday. No training at all. My supervisor said, "Its just like the old one, it just has a shift key, ya'll will figure it out". The GPS was turned off. It was a day from hell, I come in after a week of vacation, new DIAD, time changed, 157 stops, and had to look out for Trickortreaters in the dark. What will they think of next, I shudder the thought.
  10. Aaron

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    Not any smaller than the handheld GPS' you get for a car.

    Question though. IF you keep spinning the D4 in the palm of your hand while driving, when they look at it in the office, will it show your truck spinning on the map? :lol:
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    Halloween in April down there Scratch?:)
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    uhhhhhhh Wily, he posted that last year on november the 1st.
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    Dude-Can you say "senior moment" or better yet "brain fart". Guilty!!!:confused:1
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    Wily, I have them all the time too!:w00t:
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    well i guess we will let you slide this time Wily,just dont let it happen again! LOL
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    Dont know how I missed this post..back in Oct.... but checked today, and yup its there, has been since Oct 28th, 2005. It said all zeros in the am, but gave all diff coordinates through out the day. Of course we were told it isnt functional yet...Ill bet thats why the blinds went up in all mgmt offices last fall. LOL. Now with all the work they have to do........ they can see little pkg cars buzzing all around all day long on their pc screen.
  17. outta hours

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    We have had 2 drivers taken into the office and shown their previous days work on the GPS grid. They were asked about certain stops, duration at the stop, driving speed, and reason for being on a street with no stop to deliver. The GPS transmits daily and stamps a Lat.& Long. at each stop. One driver said the mapping looked like a Pac Man video game. Even showing the walk up to the stop. Anywhere the DIAD 4 goes they are watching.
  18. Aaron

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    Here's something to add to it. After pushing 8, push P. That'll pop-up a little box for some code. I wonder what that's for?
  19. brownhorn

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    I don't have a contract on me, but it's in the contract that discipline can't be issued from information obtained from the DIAD or IVIS. They can bring you in and ask, but not discipline.
  20. dannyboy

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    That is true. But in the post what are they thinking, we had a driver that our local management had no idea was being watched by LP from another state.

    So, our local management had no idea something was wrong. But yet LP was watching and video taping this driver. What tipped them off to start watching the driver? While UPS had not tipped their hand as to why made them follow him around, my suspicion is that the GPS has been working for some time, just not used in our center. The driver was completing stops while at home, several stops, sometimes as many as 25 or 30.

    Now think about it. You are sitting at home in an easy chair completing stops that you went by earlier. You think you are out smarting UPS because you wait the aprox time that it would take you to drive from one stop to the other. And you remember those reszie stops you left at the offices where the people worked? Well, you sheet them as DR later on in the day while you are mowing your lawn.

    So lets see. LP in Dallas TX watching a driver in OK City pull a stunt like this so they go out and watch him every day for two months. Or just three or four days in two months, it really does not matter. They have you on video stealing time from UPS, falsifying records, all sorts of really neat stuff that is a nightmare to a steward and a business agent trying to salvage your job. And the first your center management team is aware of is when LP shows up Monday AM to meet with them and you.

    So tell me, whose using, watching what you do? Any one at UPS that wants to. And while they can not use the records alone to fire you, the records and video tape or other evidence that was tipped off to them via your GPS are killers.

    So......what do we do with this information? Nothing. Do your job like you were trained and instructed. Punch out and go home. Work long enough to retire. But for sure, dont try and screw the company. You will loose.