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Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by diadlover, Apr 13, 2007.

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    Most if not all of you don't know that I am a bit of an "artist". I like to draw and I feel one day my drawings will be my way out of UPS. Not that I mind working here because I honestly love it. However, if the opportunity presented itself I feel I would take the chance to pursue other options. Here is the "best of the best" of my work. I'm posting them here so maybe a talent scout will recognize my works and offer me my own gallery in NY. Well, that's just my little dream!


    This one is a self portrait of myself.

    Can you believe this is drawn by me and not Groening?

    A glimpse into the future:

    Here's my sweet ride! draw5.jpg

    Yes, this is true:

    I was a little upset with Tieguy when I made this one:

    Uhhh, another Tieguy one:

    Here are the members that I've had the "pleasure" of becoming familar with. If your not on here don't take it personally. Your just not important.

    If your a talent scout and would like to contact me about a booking or purchasing these originals then I suggest you get a different job cuz you suck!
  2. toonertoo

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    I got to say, so much talent in one guy, where were you all my life. Why are you driving a truck?
    Seriously, very amusing. LMAO
  3. diadlover

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    Wow, thanks tooner! You made my day! (seriously)
  4. moreluck

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    Gee, Diad, was this a boring TV night for you? You know, Wife Swap was on. So much doodle-time. Do you do windows? I could use your help.

    I must admit I DO like my stick figure. It's been a lot of years since I've been a stick.
  5. diadlover

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    If you hide me in one of your suitcases the next time you go to Hawaii you have yourself a deal!
  6. Sammie

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  7. scratch

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    I was semi amused by this thread, lets see. where is that delete button...............actually I think its funny, contrary to popular belief, I have a sense of humor
  8. DS

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    WOW sammie...that was amazing...did your 16 yr old create it?...dl...I was laughing out loud at your artwork...I even giggled in the car on the way to the beer store today prompting my s-o to ask what I was laughing about.

    I believe you created squarebob spongepants too.
    Some one had to be a bit odd to come up with him.
    You should put those images on ebay before someone
    else does:thumbup1:
  9. aspenleaf

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    Hey DL thanks for putting us in your art work! You seem to have many talents. I loved the one with the hot chicks. . .
  10. Great Gazoo

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    You should be writing for the "Big Idea" instead of those stuffed shirts.
  11. over9five

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    I've seen DLs other gallery..... the NUDE pictures..... wow!

    (.....nude stick figures....)
  12. Lowhigh

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    Talent is making a grilled cheese sandwich on an engine block.
  13. my2cents

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    I'm surprised Diadlover wasn't chosen as the artist for the UPS "Whiteboard" commercials. If you can get that gig, DL, the hot chixx will be hanging all over you.
  14. satellitedriver

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    I see alot of talent in your work, but the seagulls are flying upside down in the JAWS art work. Maybe they were inverting into a dive to pickup speed before skimming the flotsam left by tieguy's body.
  15. Does tooner have a camera because she was on TV? great stuff man, made my awful monday better haha :cool:
  16. diadlover

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    Thanks, Sammie. That's some of the best animation I've ever seen!
    Yeah, keep working on that humor thing, scratch.:wink:
    I know you too well, DS.

    Me too! My fav is the robot one. *beep*
    Are they hiring?

    Yes, that's some freaky stuff right there!
    You got that right :confused:1
    No kidding. That long haired guy is getting all my action!
    lol, really? Not many seagulls in AZ.
    Yes, westside. Even tooner didn't know why she had a camera on her! I guess I goofed on that one. There were a few members that I completely forgot to put in there. You and satellite were two of them. I'm gonna have to do another one some time. I'm glad you got a laugh!
  17. DS

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    I made a few pictures using windows paint,instead of starting a new thread I put them in diadlovers gallery,I hope he doesn`t mind.
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    DL, I told you I was TUI, (typing under influence), I thought you were meaning my eagle pics. I just forgot I was a movie star!!!!!
  19. dave_socal

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  20. diadlover

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    My drawings are obviously so ridiculous they couldn't and shouldn't be taken as a real threat to tieguy. I do enjoy messing around with him but I don't wish bodily harm to him in any way. It's all in fun.