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    Friday I jammed 3 skids into a p1000
    Upon return the door would not open, as one skid fell back on the latch.

    So instead of leaving it for the unload crew, I took it upon myself to free it up with my Atlas body to open the door. And I'm certain it's on video at the hub, with 2 witnesses to boot.

    And now my back is screwed. So bad I was sent home yesterday and I had 1 er visit because the pain is worse than my broken leg.

    Do I tough it out?

    If the back is gone, so is my career. And I have previous episodes and MRI with other parts of my spine in total decay. the lumbar comes and goes. Worst episode in 10 yrs.

    I am kind of freaked, unprepared for the outcome if I'm not able to do even my cushy job.
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    Did you fill out a report? If you didn't do it in the required time frame it will make a workman's comp claim mighty tough to get approved. If you are as bad as you say it is Social Security Disability might be your last resort and you will have to fight hard to get that.
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    omg dude.. that's intense. Do you think therapy, rest, etc will help in the short term?

    edit>> and idk anything about disability, WC, etc. I hope it works out to your favor.
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  4. Indecisi0n

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    Your atlas body?
  5. Cactus

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    A little late I know but.....don't try to be a hero. Not at FedEx anyway.
  6. Nolimitz

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    Best of luck and a speedy recovery I hope
  7. BootsOnTarmac

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    Maybe you could have driven forward and slammed on the brakes to shift the cargo away from the door?
    I have injured my back in the past. I now go by the Eastwood philosophy: "A man's got to know his limitations."

    I now let the young bucks show off and gain a learning experience.

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    Why would you put your health and welfare in jeopardy? Let a manger know and leave.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    I believe this is not his first time trying to be a hero it probably will be the last though.
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    worker's comp should be a no-brainer if you are out more than a week. Apply ASAP. At least file for UI if you can't work for two weeks in a year. It doesn't have to be consecutive weeks. Then if you are denied worker's comp, you may get unemployment if you miss a week here and there, and can't get WC. Social Security disability is only if you are out or going to be out for at least a year. If you are over 50, and unskilled without college, disability isn't that difficult if your spine is really bad and your doctor says you shouldn't work, and can't sit or stand and do light duty work. I think being a fedex delivery driver is called 'semi-skilled' without a lot of transferable job skills.
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    U @ Ground? Yea, that's back~ breaking work vs HD... resis all day long for me. Over the years, i busted 5 handcarts, protecting my back. With the onset of chewy, i'll be backing to their garage to offload up to a dozen of them at a time.

    once your back goes, u will never be the same. Hope for a speedy recovery

    Ps, why do women mostly bend at the hip? !? I see it all the time when i drop~ n ~ run... sure, they can show me their junk in da trunk but sooner or later they gonna get a herniated or slipped disc trying to show off that they can grab their ankles[​IMG]

    They go down on the package like that... ouch!
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    Very sorry to see this. Wishing the best for you, and praying it is not as serious as you fear it is.