Did not recieve paycheck, and now job is threatened.

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  1. SFBayUPSer

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    For those of you who know me and supported me while I was being hired by UPS, I want to thank you. But I forsee my UPS career comming up a little short right now.

    This last Thursday I was not paid. No paper check, no direct deposit. I let my direct sup, FT & PT know I had concerns when my pay stub didn't look like on Thursday (Bank account numbers missing). They told me not to worry and everything would be okay. They gave me their personal cell numbers to call if something wasn't.

    So when Friday afternoon rolled around and I was not paid, I attempted to contact both of them by the provided numbers and didn't get a response.

    Living paycheck to paycheck sucks, but I huffed it out. Sunday rolls around and I go into work and they tell me they can't do anything about it till today, but that a REAL check won't be here till Wednesday probably, or I can wait till Friday and have next weeks and last weeks deposited.

    I told them this was an issue for me as my paycheck gets me to and from work, lunch and accounts for half of my daughters childcare that I split with my wife. ($40 in gas, usually about $75 for childcare, and vending machine money about $20 a week.)

    I told my sups I may very well not be able to come in if I can't go to Cash 1 and get a payroll advance or something. My training sup pretty much told me if I can't or don't come into work I will be fired. Plain and simple.

    I have tried everything I can do to get my hands on even $10 for gas and I can't ****ing locate any money. So I guess I will be fired today, I've already called and let them know I wouldn't be comming in. Funny how they answer their phones now.

    Even if I could make it into work today, tomorrow and wednesday before I receive a check will make things extremely hard.

    Im just at a complete loss for words now. This sucks. Suggestions? Im going to call the union as soon as they open, even though Im only 2 months in, hopefully they can help.
  2. stevetheupsguy

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    See if someone you work with lives nearby and can give you a ride. Talk to your shop steward, as he can give you the details on how Mgmt is supposed to get you paid right away, in the event something like this happens. In the meantime, don't give up, get it all worked out. Good Luck to you.
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    Have you spoken to your f/t sup or center manager about the situation, especially if you are a good employee always shows up for work on time etc...
    I would only hope you would get help, Steve made a good point if there's someone who lives close to you to carpool with. Good Luck to you I hope everything works out. :wink2:
  4. SFBayUPSer

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    Im far from giving up. Unfortunately most of my co workers live in the city the hub is in, and I live approx 25 miles away. But that did cross my mind. I also talked to the shop steward who suggested I go down to the local union office. I am going to cal this morning once they open.

    I wish UPS was being more flexable. At this point, I've already called off today due to my issue because quite literally I may make it there, but I WONT make it back with no gas. I don't get paid from my night job till Friday.

    I just don't want to loose my job.
  5. SFBayUPSer

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    I started by talking to my direct PT SUP. I really wasn't even going to make a big deal out of it, but she could tell something was wrong with me, and pulled me aside and asked. So I told her.

    She put me with her FT SUP and I explained everything, and the end conversation was, be here or you won't have a job, and we'll get it figured out by Wednesday. I also talked to the center manager on my way out that day, who was advised of the situation.
  6. stevetheupsguy

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    Drive there and borrow the money from your supe, till Friday. Better to get a loan from them than to get a payday advance. I know how bad it sucks to be in that position, that's why I started riding my bike to work, in the first place, hint, hint. Good luck, again.
  7. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Wow, they screw up and you're the one being threatened. That's the UPS we all know and love.
  8. Fnix

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    They wont fire you. Call in during this time of season they will beg you to come in and give you the cash to show up.
  9. evilleace

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    Good Luck SF Bay I hope everything works out and I will be praying for you and your situation, there is something in the contract about UPS having to pay you in a timely manner if your pay is misplaced I am pretty sure they are supposed to send it NDA if it is more than $15.00, if it is $15.00 dollars or less then they include it in the next check if they don't pay you grieve it and read the contract, Good Luck.
  10. SFBayUPSer

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I actually asked my sup yesterday for a small loan and was laughed at. I'll keep everyone posted.
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    Like evilleace said, there should be a grievance today and you should have your money tomorrow.

    I am surprised your steward couldn't be more helpful and take care of it.

    If you ever have pay issues, I wouldn't bother with the sups, because they don't care. Just go straight to the union.
  12. freeloader

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    If I were you I would go directly to your district's F&A department. They specialize in this type of stuff and will be able to resolve it alot quicker than your sups who are just acting as "middlemen". Ask your sup or manager for a phone number to your district's F&A folks and call during regular business hours. In the meantime, use some discretionary days.

    On a side note, I worked with a guy whose car was stolen from the UPS parking lot. For the week or so he didn't have a car, the center had him ride in with the package driver who serviced the area where he lived. On one other occasion, the center sent an employee out to pick him up (on the clock).
  13. gandydancer

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    Article 17

    Paid for Time
    All employees covered by this Agreement shall be paid for all time spent in service of the Employer...
    ... Other shortages involving more than thirty dollars ($30.00) for full-time employees, and fifteen dollars ($15.00) for part-time employees, will be corrected and the payment will be made available to the employee at his/her reporting location on his/her second scheduled workday after reporting the shortage. If the Employer fails to make the payment available on the employee’s second scheduled workday and the shortage was the result of the Employer’s error, the employee will be paid an additional amount equal to one-half (1/2) of his/her daily guarantee at his/her regular hourly rate forevery full pay period in which the shortage is not paid after the second (2nd) scheduled work day, until corrected.​
  14. gandydancer

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    He hasn't got any. Two months in, I think he said. All this for McDonalds pay. Thank you everyone who voted to screw the new hires again in the last contract.
  15. dannyboy

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    Under the contract, they should have had your pay to you today. tomorrow at the latest. If you owed them money, you think they would play nice guy?

    I would file not only to get the pay, but to get the add on penalty that the contract allows in your area.

    I would also let the union know that when you approached the center team with your plight about not being able to afford to get to work and back, that their response was to laugh in your face. At the very least they could have shown some concern.

    File away and get whats coming to you both in pay and penalty.

  16. MonavieLeaker

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    Amen Danny very well said
  17. sdf6hr2

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    gandydancer is right on... not only should you not be threatened, but ups owes an apology and penalty pay.
  18. SFBayUPSer

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    Thanks for all the support guys. In response, Yes I am 2 months in and when I was at work and asked to speak to someone in the union, they told me since I was on probation I would have to do that on my own time. So I talked to the steward on my lunch yesterday and she said to call the local office and speak to them. To be completely honest she didn't seem to knowledgable.

    Heres the update, As of this morning I was denied a payroll advance from 2 check cashing stores. After that, I decided I would just try to make it into work. I started my 25 mile journey to work and promptly ran out of gas not even halfway there. I called my center and could not reach anyone on the message line (The line we leave messages on to call in sick and whatnot). I also called HR and left two messages, so far I haven't heard from anyone. Our shift today started at 10:00.

    I also called the local union office, and was reffered to voice mail, and no return call yet.

    Im glad my AAA was paid up, because I used my free 10 mile towing to get my car back home.... still out of gas.

    Now I don't know what to do.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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  20. drewed

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    I cant believe UPS didnt want that language changed in the new contract UPS works 7 days a week, payroll doesnt....

    But on the side note...I think youre steward should have stepped up a little more then just go to the hall they will deal with it.