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  1. DEZERTE[redmondWA]

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    I just completed my first month in preload at UPS. I was wondering what other positions are available to move into aside, driving and management. I really don't want to become a part time sup and deal with the things they deal with, and I'm not 100% sure I want to be a regular driver yet.

    Aren't there drivers that take the extra packages that wont fit in the original package cars or something like that? Or any other position to move into aside driving?​
  2. cino321

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    In my center, there is no such thing as it doesn't fit.
  3. VoiceOfReason

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    Some centers have air exception drivers. Ours drive air shuttles, early AM's, some regular air and work Saturday air.
  4. blue efficacy

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    If your center is attached to a Hub, there are a multitude of jobs availible in the sorts, which may include one or more the following shifts: twilight, day, night, sunrise. Irreg driver is the job to go for. That or sorter. Especially if you sort on a secondary slide..
  5. disneyworld

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    Packages that don't fit get shoved in the route next door.
  6. solitarysiren

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    irreg driver is pretty good. you could be a clerk, too. if you wanted to move "up" but not necessarily to management, you could be a specialist of some sort. check the bid lists once in a while. and don't be afraid to network. ask around. make your wishes known. but be patient...since seniority is perhaps the number one factor in most cases, it may take a while to go anywhere.
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    quicksiren: what do specialists do?
  8. mpeedy

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    Packages that dont make it out are all put in a car with the low man driving it. Its called the trash truck.
  9. VoiceOfReason

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    Naw all cars are the :censored2: wagon.
  10. hoser

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    there are tons. this is a good source for information, as many users have made meaningful contributions and suggestions, but talk to your manager and see where you can go. it's all based on employment opportunities, and what kind of centre you work out of. this also depends on your other life. if you're in school, driving is out as they don't pay tuition reimbursement for drivers (but fedex does), if you're looking for a career, mix it up as much as possible, be a driver, be a sorter, be a pt supervisor. the more diversified experience you have, the better the company is.
  11. solitarysiren

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    is this a rhetorical question? while specialists are technically management, they don't supervise belts or anything like that. an oms takes care of delivery change requests, driver follow ups, and such depending on the shift. automotive oms' do other things like order parts and what not, though i'm not very familiar with that position, since i haven't done it.
  12. VoiceOfReason

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    OMS has been done away with. The new acronym is PTPCS. Part time package center supervisor. No more specialist attacted to the name. Beats me why it was changed.

    There are sales support specialists too, fake account reps basically. I swear i have seen specialist attached to some loss prevention positions too.
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    can someone answer me why do we have account reps? i mean i really dont see the reasoning of them..We get the sales lead, which inturn is handed over to a center(aSSuming like a call center) who calls the lead... we pretty much get the new or changing customers on our own...Yet, these account reps are switching Lexus, MDX and other cars, like I change my socks...Id really like to know how much these guys bring in a year...
  14. Fredless

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    You could always wait 3574954957 years to accrue enough part time seniority to bid into a 22.3 Job.:wink:
  15. solitarysiren

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    um, did i just date myself? i'm not that old, i swear. i know we love acronyms at ups, but ptpcs? that's pushing it.:mellow:
  16. cpio

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    There's this sales guy at my center that's always around when we're handling this one particular account that involves school tests. On a good day we could fill a 48' with pallets, and on a bad day we could fill a 53' with pallets, part of a 20-something footer and a 5 cube with NDAs.

    When I first started working at UPS I spent more time working on this project than doing my regular job. This rep would hang around the area I was staging pallets to see what was going on. He seemed like a really nice guy and he kept telling me how much he appreciated the extra hours I was putting in and how I was doing a good job. That was the only time I ever really heard anybody from management give any feedback unless they disapproved. :sad:

    This guy also didn't seem to care how long I was on the clock, unlike my part-time and full-time supervisors who would dock my pay for using the bathroom if they could. He frequently told me that I deserved whatever hours I was getting and sent me on breaks once and a while on overtime. A decent guy.

    I've seen his car too, and it looks like the run-of-the-mill family SUV. I can't say the same for the operations management, who seem to be driving everything from souped-up hatchbacks with lots of chrome to big-body Mercedes sedans with 20" wheels.
  17. VoiceOfReason

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    Yep you are old. Take the 50+ buyout thats getting announced monday and reserve your spot at the nursing home.