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    UPS needs to put out collection cans in all their buildings for helping out with things like the recent Moore, OK tornado. I'd like to throw some cash in the can because I don't want my name given out and every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Don't need them chasing after me for money all the time.

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    Thumbs up to Carrie Underwood. 1 million donated.
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    UPS has thrown their corporate support behind the disaster in OK.

    "In addition to the $550,000 cash and in-kind support contributed to the American Red Cross's Annual Disaster Giving Program last month, we're pledging an additional $250,000 to execute the plan we have developed with our partners, which will provide urgent relief and support for the long-term recovery needs of these communities," said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation.
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    I posted this in another thread.... maybe someone else will see it here...

    this is from a friend/coworker's facebook

    [h=5]Spent the day yesterday with a good group of friends, some old, and some I'd never met before, going thru what was left of Mike and Shannon Quick's house. Their neighborhood took a direct hit, Shannon lost her life, but her two boys and her mother made it through the storm. Their 13 year old son Tanner just had a bump on his head and a scratch. 8 year old Jackson has severe injuries, underwent surgery Monday night, spent four days in the PICU, and is now recovering in a regular room. But it's going to be a long road for Jackson.

    So, here's we're you can help. UPS is is letting Mike take off work as long as he needs. Unfortunately, they are not going to pay him while doing so. I can't imagine losing my wife, my home, all my possessions, seeing my 8 year old son fight for his life, and all the while, worrying about money. Here's the link to donate to Mike and his family. Thanks! Quick/Waldroop Tornado Relief Fund by Jeremy Soulek - GoFundMe[/h]