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    Something similar here. A article 22 employee was cussed out in graphic & racist terms by a white female on-road. She had a history of verbally abusing people, other employees witnessed it and the guy filed a grievance.

    The business agent wanted the on-road gone, the employee wanted to sue so the company repeatedly transferred her until she quit and the employee has been here for 27 years with a "no-cut" contract.

    Everybody hates him, he's a lazy bum that's had multiple accidents and enough warning letters & suspensions to fill an entire file cabinet drawer but they won't fire him.
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    I always have. We've had some pretty shady management so everyone covers themselves.
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    Runner gunners always find funny ways to get fired.
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    I'm having trouble buying this story, not surprised the company doesn't buy it either.
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    Guy in my building went to a house with 4 call tags. There were 4 boxes on the porch, so he put the tags on the boxes. Turns out, it was for 4 different companies and he got all of them wrong. One of them was a textbook that was never found, the customer lost a $100 deposit on it.
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    And that right there is why every call tag should be an RS-1. Drop the tag and let them figure it out. If they are too lazy to drive their returns somewhere to send them back out, then they can pay for an ODP.

    I have a regular who gets anywhere from 5-10 boxes a day just from Fedx and USPS. Am I supposed to dig through all their S* to figure out which package of rubber sandals is going back today? NOPE.
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    Do not attach/adhere any label for any reason, left at stop, c ya.