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    FedEx: They're Employees. No, They're Not - Business Week
    For years, shipping giant FedEx (FDX) has been at the center of this fracas because it treats 12,000 package deliverers in its FedEx Ground Div. as contractors. The company's current situation illustrates how murky the legal waters on this issue can get.

    On Oct. 20 the attorneys general of New York, New Jersey, and Montana threatened to sue FedEx if it doesn't reclassify the 12,000 delivery people as full-time employees. The states say they are owed millions in payroll taxes and that FedEx workers deserve fringe benefits befitting full-time employees.

    But just 10 days later the IRS announced that it was reversing a $319 million tax assessment against FedEx that had been based on the allegation that the company misclassified drivers as contractors. The IRS won't explain its action—and FedEx won't comment—but for federal tax purposes the drivers now appear to be independent contractors after all.
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    whats the deal with this??

    i hope its not the end of this for them,
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    The way I look at it is yes there are contractors however there are those of us that are employyes of that contractor. Fed Ex wants nothing to do with us except ask us why service wasnt met or call us and use are minutes on are personal phones and ask us to reattempt a delivery or go to their meetings dress in there uniforms and deliver their packages however we dont work for them.
    We dont get vacation pay, benefits, sick days, holiday pay, retirement, or overtime. If we dont work we dont get paid on the flip side to that Fed Ex will tell us that they dont operate on certain days so we are not getting paid. If we are truly independent why can't we work when we want.
    The other day I had a supervisor tell me they have a support group for drivers like us its called the Teamsters I asked him for the number. This was because the poor guy next to me has one pair of shorts and has had to sew them up because they split. Fed Ex refuses to give him another pair til his contractor pays for them so I guess they would rather have this poor guy hanging out than supply him with a pair of shorts. Whatever!!!

    So maybe all the ground drivers should show up in jeans to work see if they try and send us all home.. Its not much of a stand but it is a begining!!!!
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    Sounds like you need to find another contractor to work for. I offer vacation, retirement, medical, and a safe driving bonus program. It's your fault for staying with a bad business owner.