Disqualified Full Time Drivers Stealing Shuttle Work

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ThatsLogistics, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. ThatsLogistics

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    Apparently the company is looking to use disqualified drivers to run shuttles to and from the airport instead of continuing to let air drivers get that extra work as it has been done for years. They have no intention of bidding this work out. Has anyone else experienced this or have thoughts on the matter? Thanks!
  2. Under article 40 it sjshou be a regular drivers work or a 22.3 job
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    Extra work is the key here.
  4. How are they doing any driving if they are disqualified, or do you mean laid off?
  5. ThatsLogistics

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    I believe that they are off the street hires that didn't qualify. They probably want to keep them around for the 22.4 jobs. The company seems to feel that everybody deserves a punch before extra work is given out.
  6. 542thruNthru

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    Have you talked to your BA? I would call your local and ask about this.

    If you have what was their explanation.
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    Most of the EAM and Saturday air drivers DQed the first time they tried to qualify. Their driving was not what caused them to DQ but rather their methods or not fast enough. One driver that DQed would come back to the building and run LIB's or bulk stops or misloads or pull splits off drivers with 8 hour request at top driver rate for 10 to 12 hours a day. This lasted until the Union got his DQ overturned.
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    Thank goodness for such a strong union. Lol.
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    You been drinking?
  10. Unfortunately tea...
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    if it's not a bid position it is extra work and goes by seniority. But your supplement or rider may or may not address this. Ask stewart. He should know or be willing to do the research for you.

    It's precedent that drivers who pass training/intergrad but fail their 30 days at full time are still qualified for air or utility driving.
  12. Cool story bro
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    It sjshou, but it isn't . There are a lot of things that sjshou but ain't. That's the whole problem with the union if you ask me
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    UPS is doing something along those lines here.

    UPS has been "prepping" future 22.4 drivers here. Even though the position does not exist yet. Future 22.4s are working Saturdays loading trucks and shuttling packages. Resulting in Package car drivers being laid off on Mondays/
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    It sounds like you want to throw your Brothers under the bus.
    Don’t be so greedy.