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    No need to respond, as this is just an observation!
    It's pretty sad when nobody cares anymore if DJ makes a race or not. I know I don't! And if he did, he'd just be a back marker. Unless half the field crashed out. The decision to follow DJ reminds me of a lot of corporate decisions made at UPS. They don't think to ask us folks in the trenches what our opions are(never mind the ERI). And if they did, they would seldom act on it.
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    Very true-sad, but true!
  3. local804

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    agree .
  4. over9five

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    He is an embarrassment now. Time to get out the axe.
  5. 71chevy

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    Do you think the "Big Wheels" in atlanta, kinda squirm, when they think about all those millions they have invested in the nascar project. "GO Dale GO"
  6. 1BrownClown

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    It's bad enough that DJ has a hard time making the races, let alone finishing in the top 35 when he does. It's the fact that the #11 Fed Ex car is doing so well and all you see at the races are Fed Ex advertisement / billboards. Finding a glimpse of UPS advertisements or on tract sponsorship dollars at work at any NASCAR event is like finding a center manager after 5pm, it's non existent. Same holds true with DHL with Formula One. Thank God for Vandergriff and Drag Racing!
  7. JustTired

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    Time for the company to go big or go home.
    Jr. will not have Budweiser next year. Prime oportunity to get into the bidding wars on his sponsorship. After all, (right or wrong) he is the biggest name in the sport. Whoever lands this one will have maximum exposure and (dollar for dollar) the best deal in Nascar.

    Rumor has Mountain Dew leading the pack. Obviously, Pepsi has more money to play with than UPS. Must be because of those darn Teamsters!
  8. Not only NASCAR but also with TV Golf events, all you see is FEDEX Cup crap. They have stolen the visibility show from UPS on both. Why we constantly let this happen astounds me...

    Go UPS!
  9. HazMatMan

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    The UPS team should have thrown some money to the other Dale.
  10. 90264

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    That's true in a lot of situations. Whey YOU pay the freight, YOU get to decide what you're going to do.

    No need to take a poll or solicit the opinions of those sitting on the sidelines.

    Anyway, I thought your screen name was interesting.

    You went with "8years2go." LOL.

    You could've gone with "6years4months2short."

    That's within the timeframe I see a bunch of Teamsters running around with their hat in their hand begging work.

    Wherever you end up you're going to find they do a wide variety of things without consulting you. That's just How Life Works when you're punching a time clock. Now you know.
  11. trickpony1

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    What do you want for 64 million dollars?
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    as a "casual" fan of nascar I'm very disappointed in DJ's performance or lack of one this yr. I'm equally as disturbed by the seemingly waste of ad $$ when he doesn't even qualify for most of the races....I try to pay some amt. of attention to the cause and from what I've seen toyota just isn't "there" yet......I guess I cut them some slack for it being their 1st yr......but I say put DJ's job up on a nationwide "bid" and @ least offer us a shot @ riding shotgun.............or maybe he just needs a ride along...........
  13. Pip

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    Curious, $64 million, is that the number they are sinking into Jarrett? I knew they were the major sponsor, but if they're blowing $64 million on him, or anybody for that matter, that is just crazy.
  14. Pip

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    oops, double post. sorry.
  15. trickpony1

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    It's my understanding the initial contract with DJ was 8 million per year for 8 years.They may have thrown away more money.....OOPS!....renewed his contract when he switched to toyota.
    You watch.......come July of '08 the company will tell us (the working slobs) that they don't have any money to give us for the new contract. :w00t:
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    Too bad no one watches drag racing. I race my car at a local strip a few times a year and I don't even watch it on TV.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'm not a huge fan of NASCAR like I was years ago but I occasionally watch a race with my friends. I watched the past two races and my friends were hounding me during both about how bad DJ is even though they know I don't consider him my favorite driver. One commented on the "Race the Truck" commercials and we all agreed that that whole idea is getting old. Especially since he can't even race his own car now. FedEx commercials, featuring their driver, came on like every other commercial break during the past race and I saw maybe two of DJ's. My friends and I agreed that not only are FedEx's regular commercials better than ours but their NASCAR commercials were better as well. I've been wondering lately if UPS has dropped the ball on advertising lately. My friends helped reaffirm that. I later mentioned that UPS is still the king (delivery wise) and my friends agreed. I just wish our advertising, and next driver, could be better.
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    As a management person I resent your comment. Your attitude is exactly the cause of certain problems we face every day with communication. You need to re-evaluate your attitude in your dealings with your fellow workers. Yes I said fellow workers. Once you realize they don't work FOR you, they work WITH you, things will get better for everyone.

    Someone here recently suggested we go back to washing package cars everyday and scrap the money we are dumping into NASCAR. I agree with that.

    One last thing, at least register instead of lurking in the bushes waiting for your cowardly ambush.
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    If your a dragracing fan why wouldn't you watch it on T.V.? I think espn does a nice job considering it's always taped. Usually if I can't watch it I'll dvr it and zip through all the commercial's. At least one car that UPS is backing is in the top 10 (6'th to be exact) and they are getting there money's worth. I wonder what would happen to any of us if we performed as badly as Jarret does!!!!
  20. clockrider

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    not to mention the FedEx Orange Bowl, one of the four bowls that rotates for the BCS Championship with the Rose, Sugar & Fiesta.....