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    I have been with UPS for almost 28 years. This is my first post and under great irritation I joined and now about to whine. I am not sure what it is like for others at other locations, but the dogma about ethical conduct is a hypocrisy that is almost unbearable. I am a service provider and currently driving a route. I am also a thrift store junky and please keep in mind to keep the issues separate when you consider the story about which I am on the cusp of sharing. I saw an out of commission uniform at a thrift store and acquired it. It is the old logo with the package and bow tie. It reminds me of a time when the company was half civil to work in servitude. The loss prevention manager saw the jacket in my personal vehicle on a public street with the back rear window down, not on UPS property what so ever. He felt this was a violation of current policy to secure you uniform in the UPS vehicles we drive while on the clock. He instructed my direct supervisor to get into my vehicle, which was unlocked due to a back window malfunction and could not be rolled up completely. My supervisor got in my car, worked his way to the passenger seat or unlocked the entire car, and removed the jacket from my personal vehicle. I called the center for some issue. I try not to make decisions that are a bit in grey areas and I will call for verification when I need help from my direct supervisor. I just returned to the status of driver after a long time doing other duties. My direct supervisor sheepishly (because I do not think he enjoys breaking into the cars of others) told me he was instructed to go into my vehicle and he removed the jacket that was in my car. Then the loss prevention manager wanted to know how I came into possession of this outdated obsolete uniform. Over the diad I merely put "No." I was offended they would cross a personal boundary and go into my personal vehicle for any reason, and this reasoning was one of extremely aggressive behavior. Nothing very friendly about it. It was a struggle to maintain my composure through out the majority of the day. I was hot. I am usual quit a big wuss and very mailable with my management team, but this was unacceptable. When I got back to the center I asked for the return of the jacket I acquired in my off time and was not one that was issued to me by the company. When my supervisor tried to use anger in conversing with me to drop the subject, I responded like wise, which is extremely uncharacteristic. I promptly left and went to the police department in a fit of rage. The admissions woman said this is clearly breaking and entry regardless of my window being down and the vehicle easily accessible. I had to wait and I calmed down. I was concerned that my supervisor who was only following the direction of a superior manager would some how have severe consequences placed on him. I came home and called national UPS to air my grievances with this abhorrent behavior. The national nurse assured me things would get rectified. They never did. The manager mostly responsible merely said, it could have been handled better and asked I never call outside the center again, but come to him. I asked about the jacket I acquired in my off time and once again, the rhetoric of corporate goods was vomited back like the holy grail of free passes to violate any law the company wishes. The jacket was never returned, no admission of wrong doing was ever admitted and just yesterday I begrudgingly returned to the police station because it is making it impossible to listen to conversations of my manager because all that goes through my mind is I work for a team of licentious hypocrites. This occurred in April and the local police said I have a year to file a police report. When I first went it was open shut breaking an entry of my personal vehicle. The police officer I talked with yesterday had no desire to listen to complaints over a jacket lost 5 months ago. The lack of the jacket's return is just a sore spot and only services as a reminder that many of the professional <can you hear the sarcasm in my type> have no grounds in ethical, legal, or respectful behavior to those who provide service to the customers on a daily basis. In the officers conversation with management, they admitted entering my personal vehicle with out my expressed permission and this is by definition breaking and entry, and since the legal ownership of the jacket is muddled in his mind he reported back that he does not feel a crime was committed. They forcefully entered my vehicle to obtain this antiquated article of clothing with out my permission, that is a crime. I will do a follow up with a Sargent, because until someone admits my rights as a citizen were violated under the law, this situation will not be put to rest and it will only function as a thorn in my mind. Jacket smacket, the crime is that my management team has consistently espoused an idea that it is perfectly acceptable to go into my vehicle any time they wish to facilitate corporate policy and I need to love the idea. So my question to anyone is, when it comes to ethics, who the hell is leading by example. I just do not see it.
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    Since you're clearly working on your novel let me give you some some advice. You used the word "I, my, and me" over 60 times. Also, using paragraphs would have been nice. Don't quit your day job...
    And just because the internet can always use more cats there's this:
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers are one long winded troll. Who stole my Teamster bumper magnet?? Lol
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    seems to be two issues -

    Breaking into your car is a crime. They should not have done that. They should have contacted you and asked for the return of the item, if it meant that much to them, and failing that, contacted the authorities.

    My understanding of UPS uniforms is that they belong to UPS, and are to be returned to UPS after their useful life is up. So, essentially, whoever donated that jacket to a thrift store donated stolen goods. You in turn, purchased stolen goods, and were in possession of stolen goods, which is also a crime.

    Of course another way of looking at it would be it is just a freaking jacket.

    Yet another way of looking at it would be don't feed the trolls. Probably should have gone with that one. Guess we all make mistakes.
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    Wow! Plenty of "I, my, and me's", as DriveInDriveOut alluded to. I think Obama may be the OP, or, one of his speech writers?
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    ..... in summation / blah, blah, blah, jacket
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    Give us an address. Probably several people on here that have an old jacket laying around that they could send you.
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    How is anyone supposed to read that? I can deal with misspellings and grammar errors, but come on man. If you spoke that, you would be blue in the face if you didn't pass out.
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    I've even got the old polos laying around with the old logo. Want that too?
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    Yeah, something like that goes a long way to getting people to read your long post.

    If the cops won't do anything, I don't know what you could do. If I were in your shoes--and this is just me--I would file a group of grievances against the LP sup. One for dishonesty, one for theft and another for harassment. In the resolution section of every grievance, I would ask for this supervisor to be terminated. I would file another group of grievances against the sup who broke into your car. Same thing, dishonesty, theft, harassment. And termination for this clown too. If you own stock, I would word the grievance that, you, as a shareholder, don't approve of workers who behave in this manner. It would be a toss-up if your union hears the grievances--many locals don't have the stones to try a grievance like this--but if they do, it puits your LP guy and center manager in an awkward position.

    And as far as your spineless center manager goes, who cares what his excuses are? He broke the law. Because he was instructed by a superior to do so doesn't matter. It was his action. Try that defense in court, and see how far it carries you.
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    Common sense people.
    File a police report (They have to at your request since a crime was committed)
    Then either pursue them in criminal court if you want the jacket and compensation or small claims for just the jacket back.
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    mmmmm, first person narration necessitates I and me. But thanks for counting them, now I know. No need for a jacket, I have a closet full of the latest model. My apologies for lack of proper English mechanics, I have dyslexia. I wrote a lot because it can be a frustrating environment, those who read it the entirety of the text and then complained was because??? I basically did not read the Eula, is it a requirement to weed through an entire post on the site that others write???
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    1. File a police report and press charges for theft and breaking and entering. The fact that the jacket is UPS property does not entitle management to enter your personal vehicle to retrieve it.

    2. File a grievance. Art 37, over- supervision and harassment. Entering your personal vehicle without permission is the very definition of harassment. Push the issue and force the sup to explain/ defend his actions in an open forum. He probably wont get fired but you can sure as hell make him really, really scared and uncomfortable for awhile.
  17. that would be the day I would break into someones car for this or any company....not a chance, its illegal...say it with me ILLEGAL. Shame on your supervisor. I can't (well maybe I can) believe a supervisor would instruct another to do that! A new low if you ask me (if it actually happened....I see some are labeling him a troll).
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    (If true) Just another nugget of brutal corporate arrogance and the big brown bully UPS doing whatever it sees fit.
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    Okay I get the whole ups entered my vehicle without my permission thing. But doesnt the uniform jacket legally belong to ups. The only thing you could get them on is illegial search. Doesnt it say ups reserves the right to search any vehicle or person on ups property. Look you could probably win this if you have the money to throw away. Your judgement is going to be a court order making ups apologize to you. I dont guess you have ever been hurt at work. Ups has lawyer's they pay just to put you off. Good luck but I truly dont think you will get the outcome your looking for.
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    and we wonder why our employees hate us...