Do any designated responders receive skilled rate of pay at air gateways?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Scab Free, Aug 26, 2016.

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    As a designated responder working at a gateway and meeting all requirements for certification, why does the company not recognize skilled rate of pay for gateway employees? Do any other gateway designated responders receive skilled rate of pay?
  2. I'm not sure what a gateway is, but in my center I'm always told I'm lucky I'm getting skilled pay because clerk type positions are supposed to be $1 less. I don't care. They're "lucky" because no one else wants to do that job, and if they take away my $1, I'll just say I'm not a dr anymore. Just will do my regular shift , punch out, and get my happy butt home. I get overtime almost everyday because of all the damaged leaking Amazon crap on the feeder unloads. I process after the sort is done and then all the other damages that the p.m. sort clerks leave in the building and don't process.
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    Gateway = airport.
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    I don't know about gateways, but in the ground hub where I work, responders do not get the skilled pay raise.
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    We had a "trained" responder transported to the hospital for an allergic reaction to an improperly handled unknown substance leaker.
  6. Dayum! I'm glad I had a good sup to train me. If I can see its Ensure or bottles of water, I grab it. If I can see it's going to a hospital or a battery, I suit up. If it's paint or bleach, I suit up because I don't want to ruin my spiffy non-slip shoes or my "I Love UPS" shirt!
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    Y-You can do that?
  8. Sure. I didn't bid on it. Everyone on my preload is just. "Preloader". We don't have preferred positions. The person before me was a bid clerk and a DR. That person just said they weren't gonna do them anymore. The sup was doing them, so I volunteered and did the training. I work in smalls and do the DR when we have a leaker. In big centers, I think they have people who DR exclusively, not unload trucks AND DR. I don't know though, maybe someone will tell us. After the clerk quit, they didn't put it up for bid. Someone just "clerks".