Do I need sticker for portable music player?

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  1. Yeet

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    You got me there. It’s a 10 minute brisk walk from my car to dispatch.
  2. JL 0513

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    Do you get paid for those 80 hours of walking a year (20 min a day)? I get frustrated if I have to park at the furthest distance from my package car - about 75 feet.
  3. Yeet

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    Sometimes four times a day like the days I forget I have the tractor keys clipped on my collar and don’t realize until I’ve made it all the way out the gate.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    Our employee parking is 1 to 2 blocks and across the street with heavy truck traffic and 2 sets of railroad tracks that are frequently used. Sometimes an entire sort will be 10 to 15 minutes late because of a train blocking the street and sidewalk.
  5. Yeet

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    Yeah you might have us beat although they did have to build an overpass for us because our busiest rail yard is literally around the corner from the hub.
  6. Poop Head

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    So like 1-2 mins for a non-feeder? Not horrible..
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  7. Yeet

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    Depends on where you work but dispatch is ALL the way in the back. It’s like they’re ashamed of us or something.
  8. Bob11B

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    Hey Smart ass, I didn’t say that was a lot...simply stating it is more than 10 employees
  9. rod

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    We came and went as we pleased. No guard shack-no guards- no cameras. EVERYONE (drivers anyway had keys to the building). It was common on week ends to pull a truck out and work on or wash your own vehicle. They used to shoot the 4th of July fireworks off across the road from us and I would open the building up so the UPS families parked in our lot could use the bathroom. It was just the thing to do when you pulled into the pump at night to take what you needed out of your UPS truck and put it in your personal car. Everyone did it. I used to stop on the way through town at the liquor store and buy a case of beer and put it in my own car when I got back to the building. There wasn't anything different about that than taking a bottle of booze you got from a customer at peak and putting it in your own car at night.
  10. trailer loader

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    here at my hub, anything electronic needs a property pass, you get from the guard shack, however only one of the "guards" actually does her job, and checks our bags we bring, or for the pass, and id card, most of the time its older gentlemen who dont care at all to check our bags or id or when the metal detector goes off, haha, we just walk through,
  11. MyTripisCut

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    I always heard the 1950’s were a nice time....
  12. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Some of the best years in American history
  13. rod

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    Yes it’s amazing how UPS was even able to deliver a package without 10,000 rules and regulations. Things appear to have gotten so much easier now
  14. I have been lurking

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    And then that same generation repealed the 1965 immigration act