Do you lose cell phone discount in retirement, Verizon?

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    I just got a letter from Verizon to renew my cell phone discount. I have to provide a UPS e-mail add which I don't have or a paystub and I don't get those anymore. Any ideas on how to keep the discount. I read that Verizon started this re-validate program on 4/1.
  2. No, the discounts still apply..I've been getting it for the last 2 years (retired in 2011). Check UPS' for any questions you might have.
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    How would the OP get on if he is retired? I thought once you were retired you didn't have access to it anymore. I don't------althought I have been retired so long I have no reason to use it. ( how would the OP send in a current paystub if he was retired?)

    UPSBOT When UPS Was Fun

    I kept my UPS ID. I switched from Sprint to Verizon six months ago and used my old ID. They made a photocopy of it. Retired fifteen months ago.
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    Did you go to a Verizon store and just show them your old ID card? You used your photo ID used to enter the hub?
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    Cell phone "plans" are becoming obsolete. Pay as you go either basic or smart phones are the way the industry is moving. Same with cable and dish TV.
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    Does anyone know what the e-mail add is that verizon wants. I have been locked out of

    UPSBOT When UPS Was Fun

    Yes, I went to the Verizon Store. I was in a very small center without security. It's the photo ID I was issued as a driver.
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    I believe only office people, (Management), have a UPS e-mail.

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    Mechanics have it too.
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    Wonder if mine will work? Photo taken in 88? Now retired have grey goatee, obviously look different..........Got in in NJ...Now in AZ........??
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    Here is what a still working friend copied from UPSERS said. My page is different from his.....Still working vs. retired. Hmmm
    [h=1]Verizon Wireless[/h][h=2]Verizon Wireless is offering a 22 percent discount[/h]
    The new Verizon Wireless Online Employee Store is live!

    The new store continues to provide UPS employees with an enhanced shopping experience and provides your employees with:

    • [*=center]Access to your 22 percent employee discount
      [*=center]A wide selection of calling plan options and phones
      [*=center]The ability to add a new line of service
      [*=center]Upgrade an existing phone or add accessories
      [*=center]24/7 access

    Link to this new site: Verizon

    ALL ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE BY VERIZON. Offer subject to active employees only, not retirees. Pricing, availability or other terms of offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice. Taxes, fees, shipping, handling and any applicable restocking charges are extra, and vary. Verizon cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors.
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    Sprint asked for pay stub OR pension statement...
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    ​Yeah, Verizon's nagging about 22% ticked me off, especially since my plan was so expensive.

    $62/mo after taxes for 500 min 2 phone shared plan and 1000 texts on 1 phone, no data.
    Now they want 22% more?

    Looking at their other plans.. They HAVE TO BE KIDDING!
    $40 mo each smartphone? 2GB data $60????

    I probably would have kept the same plan for years but for their NAGGING over 22%.

    SO..... bye bye Verizon.... Hello Page Plus Cellular.

    Same Verizon towers, same coverage, sounds exactly the same, but now $29.95/mo, no taxes, 1200 min, 3000 texts, 500mb data per phone.

    ​Thanks Verizon!
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    I'm assuming I'll lose the discount when I retire. Others are assuming they are Ok, but don't forget, Verizon just started doing this. I've had some problems with them, so I'll just move on anyway.
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    ​I'm with you. They've been a pain about this verification. I'll dump them without a problem. so be it.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    They actually just sent me a text with a link to upload my latest pay stub.

    I was just talking to my wife yesterday about switching to a cheaper service. Verizon prices are getting crazy. Three smartphones & 1 talk/text only, $209.
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    Fax a copy of your most recent paystub from UPS to 1-800-711-7788 AFTER redacting all personal information (including salary) except your name and address. Make sure the UPS logo and the check date is visible.
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    I sent my Retirement monthly statement that has a UPS logo on it and I removed all references to trust and retirement.
    ​Sent it in and they approved it and my discount remains in place.