Do you lose seniority if...

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  1. Boonie

    Boonie New Member transfer from one UPS terminal in Town 'A' to another UPS terminal in town 'B'?
  2. JonFrum

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    Check the Seniority Article in your regional Supplement.

    Generally you loose seniority if you are transfering out of one Local's jurisdiction and into another's. However if several UPS buildings are within the same Local, you can usually transfer between those buiidings without loosing Seniority.
  3. hondo

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    Maybe,,,, probably,,, kind of,,, pretty much.
    First off, the only real provisions for transferring are for:
    1. part time employees for "educational purposes", i.e. going to school in a different area. They keep their seniority for the purposes of wage rate, benefits (weeks of vacation), layoffs; but go to the bottom of the seniority list of their new location for the purposes of job bidding. This is per the UPS-Teamsters National Master contract.
    2. For the Western Conference Supplement (west coast) full time drivers, there is provision for them to sign a transfer list (within the west coast jurisdictional area). I'm not too sure about how much of their seniority rights are retained; and it seems to be a real gamble, or even a losing proposition, if you do transfer but end up laid off, or having to work part time shifts at the beginning and end of the day to make 8 hours of pay and pension credits.
    Basically, for the rest of the country, you have to quit (lose all seniority) and reapply, starting all over. By the way, it is not very clear if that puts you on a temporary or permanent 'no rehire' status with the company.
    However, if the terminals A & B are covered under the same Teamster Local, or somehow tied together by falling under the same supplement, rider, or addenda to the national contract; there MIGHT be something that allows for transferring or bidding between the 2 terminals.
    I believe you mentioned Indiana, which further complicates things. Most of IN falls under Local 710 jurisdiction. L710 (& L705) have their own separate (from the national contract) agreements with the company. Similar, but separate. Basically it is probably best if you pick a location and stick with it.
  4. menotyou

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    30 miles to the north is the center I work out of in one local's jurisdiction. 45 miles to the south is the main hub under the jurisdiction of another local.
    I can't transfer to the main hub. That is beyond silly.
  5. menotyou

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    How silly of me to think I could transfer from my center to our supplying hub like so many other UPSER's are allowed to do. I know. That is so selfish of me.
  6. barnyard

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    I am very glad that transfers are not allowed.

    Too many people in very big centers that would move to smaller centers, making a long wait to FT even longer.

    I think it would be opening a very ugly can of worms to allow transfers of FT drivers.
  7. dilligaf

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    Transfers are handled like this here: Western Region-drivers that transfer from one building to another lose their center seniority but not their company seniority. This means that they still get all their vacation time (per years of service) but have to bid within their center seniority. We have 2 drivers here that have about 20 years in but they cannot bid anything before I do. They are at the bottom of the totem pole. We have an open transfer list posted every year, but transfers are done within the Western Region by over all seniority.