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    I'm a part time dock worker at UPS Freight. Been working 8 to 24 hours a week for the past 11 months and am about to get my benefits. In the past week we had a new driver transfer to our hub, we already have too many drivers, and if a driver does not have a route he can work the dock and push us out of our shift. I have not worked for the past week because drivers are working the dock. What can I do?
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    There is not much that you can do other than file for unemployment.
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    Are you working inbound or outbound? Is someone on the opposite shift getting hours that has less seniority then you do? If so file on seniority. You will find that a full time driver has more seniority then a part time dock worker, Im sorry you have to hear that but that is the case.
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    How big is your dock?
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    You can bump someone else on another shift or even possibly in another building if one exists in your local union
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    Ignore answers from UPS Brown drivers to start, then call your Business Agent to see what your options really are.
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    We have 47 doors and maybe 15 dock workers between both shifts. We only have 3 full time dock and 4 full time drivers that bid the dock.
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    Three on one dock? Hmmm sounds like you need a larger dock or more of them.
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    I really wish you would grow the :censored2: up. Your constant sexual innuendo is really getting old.
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    At my freight terminal drivers have seniority over dock workers. Not much you can do
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    same at mine....full time has seniority over part time... but like someone said you should be able to bump someone with less part-time seniority on a different shift if there is one available.