Does anyone remember what the "S" in UPS stands for??

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    If you attend the PCM's lately, you know the latest UPS mania - safety and telematics.
    "Stay off the reports, stay off the cell phone, and don't have an accident". UPS has the right to run their company the way they want...........but what ever happened to service??
    Somewhere between the 10 1/2 hr. dispatches and getting yelled at for too many back-ups,
    customer service has taken a back seat. Is it because service is something intangable?
    Sometimes I think because UPS can't generate a morning report on "service", they don't quite know what to do with it. Does service exist in your center or is it now a $ ?
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    To management service is indeed a number. To them service is not having late airs or missed packages.

    To us service is dealing with the customers in a polite manner, acquiring sales leads, etc...

    Our kind of service is not respected or cared for anymore. Honestly, how cares. Deliver your packages as fast as possible. Shove your diad in the customers face, get a signiature and run out the door.
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    The word service can be interpreted in a number of ways. Service could just mean picking a pkg up from point A and delivering to Point B. Nothing more / nothing less. Maybe we try to read too much into it or, maybe not enough. Anyway I'm sure they can generate a report for that.
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    UP$ :wink2:
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    Service took a backseat to numbers after the recession. The almighty stock price has become more important than service. The increase in safety awareness (which I'm thankful for) is motivated by the concern to save money and not a concern for the welfare of the employees. It starts at the top. Trust me, your supervisors are just as frustrated as you are with changing attitude of UPS toward customers. However, like us, they have to obey whether they like it or not. I have no doubt that if UPS were to refocus its efforts on improving customer satisfaction rather than the stock price we would see a dramatic increase in our customer base and profits. Our sales rep told us recently that he is spending much more time trying to retain customers than gaining new ones because the existing customers are going to FedEx.
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    This whole point can be summed up by something that I am sure happens all over the country. You have a misload. You call/send misload message. You ask if you can del at some point. They say "as long as it does not cause you to be paid over." End of story.:whiteflag:
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    That's if they even reply to your message in the first place.
  9. If it's a business misload, our center manager will tell us to sheet it closed even if we're 40 miles away.
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    maybe a shocker to many...but behind all the madness UPS is running a business. And in the end service is picking up packages and delivering them on time with complete visibility. In some cases it involves seemless merging of UPS technology with the customers technology...but most shippers' priorities have to do with their bottom lines and strategic advantage opportunities. It is a icing on the cake when the service provider is pleasant, doesn't have body oder, is nicely groomed and smiles in a pleasant way...but it just does not come up as a top priority on most customer priority surveys...

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    Where have you been bro? This happend when we went public w/ stock.

    I think UPS would do themselves a favor and stop being so arrogant. The higher UPS need to listen to the people in battles(Supes and hourlys). Someone sitting in a padded office hundreds of miles away cannot have a better grip on what to do that the guys in the battle. For instance my dispactch Supe caught hell for putting an extra route in on friday but the result was all drivers in by 9.5 rather than alot of drivers worker over 10. He made a good decision yet he got beat up for it.
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    :happy2:s should mean (service).the way it is today?s stands for ****.
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    The s is for standards. As in Unrealistic Performance Standards.
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    I do not think it can be said any better than this.....
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    I let UPS worry about what constitutes good service, what the customer wants, and what's profitable.The whole time I've worked here the company has been making money hand over fist so I figure they know something about the business. I took this job for a paycheck, I've never had any interest in affecting how the company is run and to be perfectly honest I really don't care that much, I just work as directed and cash my check on Friday.
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    it stands for SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER not service to some daily numbers game
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    Not anymore, the only people getting served now are the shareholders.:happy-very: