Does UPS ship to IRAQ ?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by feederdryver, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. feederdryver

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    Or "did" they ship there before the Gulf War? Just curious.
  2. upsdude

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    I dont know. I would like to recommend a delivery sup and division manager when we finishing cleaning house over there.
  3. browndude

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    i am not sure either but i have picked up 2 pkgs in the last week going to Kuwaiit.
  4. ontariointl

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    No, we have no service to Iraq. Not sure if we did before the gulf war in 91.
  5. thedrooler

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    Get your resumes in to your H/R folks. There will probably be some openings real soon on the Baghdad Twilight.

  6. proups

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    drooler: did you mean the Baghdad Twilight "Sortie"??[​IMG]
  7. rushfan

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    I want first dibs on the newly created Baghdad extended route
  8. my2cents

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    Isn't there a U.N. embargo on shipping stuff in and out of Iraq? Having said that, I believe just about everything gets smuggled in/out through Jordan. If someone needs something delivered, maybe they can find a traitorous human sheild headed to Iraq to deliver it for them. It would give them something constructive to do. They would also be good for getting stuff out because they don't stay long, once faced with reality.
  9. dannyboy

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    Much of what they have and know comes from France and Germany(as far as weapons/technology/bioweapons. I guess that is why they are not supporting us to invade, fraid we might find made in France stickers on their warheads and missles.

  10. tieguy

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    Thats a good point. We may find that the french fed Sadaam military weapons for oil. What we probably should do if we are voted down on stopping Hussien is totally back off. Tell the UN we will never again ivolve ourselves in iraq other than to help defend Kuwait. Deny Saudi Arabia any more military support until they come clean on thier support of terrorism and publicly denounce terrorism in every way. And finally announce that we admire the position that France has now established within the UN. In thier honor we will now reduce our yearly allotment to the UN to match Frances contribution.
  11. archibald

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    [​IMG]Hey don't knock french weapons! I found a great deal on a French WW2 rifle on E-BAY, it has never been fired and was only dropped once!![​IMG]
  12. archibald

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    I also had a customer try to ship a large quantity of back-bone to France but it was refused![​IMG]
  13. iraq has fedcam (federal camel) delivery. their slogan is when you need it this year or the next, we are in no hurry, camels only go one speed. they were working on a next day delivery service, but the camels did not like being strapped to a missle. last i heard their part times were up in arms, seems their job description changed (due to cost cutting measurs), now not only do they have to load and load camels, but now they have to clean up after them. the delivery sups never have to worry about missed packages, miss one and they lope off your head, 2 misses and sup gets his head removed. when you retire you get to keep your worn out camel for those years of service.
    camels are good eating for those golden years.
  14. peacock71

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    I guess that's one way to 'hump' hump or two? Does the second hump count as a helper?

    Go UPS!
  15. upsdawg

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    Nice to see this thread is moving right along--camels--sorties--French rifles!!!

    Regarding France---what would happen if we started boycotting French wine and champagne???

    A lot of merchandise flows to Saudi or Turkey or Kuwait---than somehow mysteriously gets into Iraq--just like some of the oil gets out of Iraq the same way.

    Keep up the good humor!!!!