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    To the rookie clerks at 43rd st. 6ou low seniority clerks with less than 25 years need to stop crying. We were all on the bottom once and now its your turn. Eventuallu you will be top of the food chain. But for now u b da bottom. Wait your turn like everyone else. If you don't like getting grievences for overtime your not entitled to than stop trying to get over. All we have is SENIORITY in this company. This is for 43rd st cry baby clerks others won't understand this. Its company seniority NOT department. That's why your able to pick vacations and POH before less senior clerks. If you don't have repect for the old timers and seniority then let everyone pick vacations before you ? I didn't think so....
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    The Avatar is appropriate
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    seniority is a great thing, but often abused as well. I mean if a junior guy never gets a day off because the top dog continues to take them... just seems wrong. I believe in giving them first choice of vacations, and routes. I would even not have a problem with written request for taken their personal days. It is when the request off days become so often that another can't take one happens that I feel is simply wrong. To each their own I guess.
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    As soon as the senior guy is out of days (and you still have them), seniority is out the window.
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    He's talking about taking a day off when the center has extra drivers.
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    In the center I worked if a cover driver could run the three Dave routes he worked everyday. One of us would always go home.The smarter cover drivers would walk the belt in the morning and ask drivers if they wanted to work.Try to broaden your skills and make your self more usable. I went years working 4 days a week. My goal was to survive UPS and get to retirement without any more damage to my health.
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    This is what I did when I was a casual. I would show up dressed and ready to go. The senior guys would see me and ask if I was working. The center manager at the time didn't care just as long as the route was covered and it sure beat sitting at home waiting for a phone call. His successor did not approve of this but I was FT at that point. Our current cover drivers do not have enough motivation to do this.
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    Yeah, that's what I usually did back in the day. Would usually try to do the routes with the HOT babes (when I was young and single). Plus would parlay all those "favors" for senior drivers into some nice holiday "gifts" or dinners this time of the year!
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    to those clerks who work 6 hours and get paid for 8, please stop you are putting future clerks jobs at risk. That's the deals they make-- not caring about future clerk jobs, they just care about themselfs
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    I understand what you are saying but it doesn't work here. Seniority doesn't get violated. Utilities (FT cover drivers) don't get to ask the regular drivers if they want to go home. I have asked regular drivers to go if the choice got to them but that is as far as it goes.
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    I remember as a cover driver if I wanted the day off I would hide upstairs in the break room until all the routes were out of the building, then I'd wander down and say "Hey, you guys need me today?" :happy-very:
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    I know one cover driver who will carry an unused DIAD in the am and thru the pcm so it appears he has a route to do.
    Then goes home!
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    Swing drivers as we were called were FT drivers with our seniority on the board being the same as every other driver. If I wanted the day off and no one with more seniority did then I walked. It sucked for those junior than me but they also had routes long before I did so that had that to look forward to.
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    Remember, when we the seniorty driver goes home,
    there is no money going into the pension fund.
    Then we complain when it's not funded
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    if you need a day off call in

    thats how i roll, because if i dont TAKE my day when i need it then someone else will