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    UPS has never messed my check up until now. 4 weeks in a row now that I have double shifted and not received OT pay on my check. In my region its anything over 5 shifts in a week is OT pay. So, for instance I doubled twice last week, Friday were my 6th and 7th shift, which I worked 8 hours, should all be OT pay.

    However, I've been getting my paychecks and there has been no OT pay, just straight pay. 4 weeks in a row of this. I bring it to my managers attention and he gives me the whole, its the payroll's fault in Fort Worth, or whatever schpiel, we'll fix it. So they send me a green check and they tax me like crazy! 4 weeks in a row of this....

    Is there anything I can do about it, or should I just be content getting screwed every week and getting green checks? I dont work OT for them to screw my check up every week...

    Any kind of grievance action, or is it just their honest weekly mistake?
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    You are right you are getting over taxed. Or to be more precise over withheld. When you file your taxes your whole years income will be taxed the same no matter how they cut your checks. But the amount of withholding for the year will be higher becuase of UPSs screw up so you will either get a bigger refund or not owe as much as you would have had they done it right.

    Having said that I know it's still a pain in the backside. Since the rules vary so much from local to local around the country I am not surprised they are screwing it up. Here in AK we do not get overtime until over 8 hours worked even if a part timer.
  3. uber

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    They must not need double shifters. Here in Portland they need double-shifter due to the amount of volume.

    Anybody, is this grievable?
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    Whats grievable is the dleay in getting you your money. Depending on your language. Contact your Steward or Agent and find out what your language is. Article 17 in our local's contract.
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    If you double shift, you don't get OT pay until the 5th hour on your second shift. Sux, but true
  6. uber

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    Anything over 5 shifts in a week is OT.
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    Gotcha, I read what u wrote too quickly. I wish it was like that in my hub
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    Zags, if you are covered by the central supplement like I am, then you must work 5 consecutive days, not 5 shifts, in order to be eligible for OT on your 6th day.

    Where I'm at, if you want to double shift, you are paid OT after you work 8 hours cumulatively through the course of the day. Meaning, if you work 5 hours on the preload, after your 3rd hour on the local sort it would become OT. If you worked 9 hours for the whole day, then you would only have 1 hour of OT.
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    Wow, PTers here get OT after 5 hours. They could work 1 day a week and double shift that day and get OT after 5.
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    Article 17's , and then file some Art. 3's sec. 7's on the supervisors working , and you will get their attention .
  11. menotyou

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    Explain precisely what you mean by doulbe shifting? Are you working Preload and twilight? If you volunteer to work to shifts in one day, depending in your local rider, you would get OT after 8. BUT--- this varies region to region. That kind of question really needs to be posed to you Business Agent, or a very knowledgable steward. Call your local union hall and ask to speak with your rep. You could, potentially, be eligible for doulbe pay on what's owed to you.
  12. hondo

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    I think Article 17 covers this:
    Hope this helps.
  13. menotyou

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    They tell you different so they don't have to cut those lovely green checks.
  14. UPSGUY72

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    You need to read your supplement.

    In my area I believe it works like this.

    Anything PT working over 5 hrs on one shift get paid OT. Anything between 5 and 7:59 OT and if you go over 8 the OT doesn't start till the 8th hour as you are then considered FT for that day.

    Double shifting doesn't count they can't force you to double shift they ask you and you said yes meaning you volunteered. If you double shift you need to work over 8 hrs combined to make OT for that day. As it 2 different shifts.
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    Isn't it to ones benefit to just clock out at 7:59, rather than working past the 8 hour mark? I'd rather just work a little extra on my first shift if warranted
  16. over9five

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    Get a normal job where you work 8 and get ot after 8.
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    Grieve it.
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    If you work in the NW district (assuming the zags fan thing is a Gonzaga thing...) you get ot after 5 hours. So if you worked 3 hours on your regular shift and 2 1/2 on the double, you get straight time to 5 hours and a half hour of ot. Check with your shop stewards. It's what they're for. If you can't work things out with management in a nice way, then use your union rights. They're more capable of giving you the correct info (whether they use that capability or not is another issue.)
  19. sortaisle

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    Also, make sure you check in with your management on Monday before they turn in payroll. Most of them get in trouble for payroll errors so they avoid them if they can. Write down your time each week, get a copy of your time card from doubling and match it with what they have. Do that for a few weeks, and the errors usually clear themselves up. I know it seems pesky to do it that way, but you don't work for free right? And who's going to take care of you if you don't?
  20. uber

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    My main shift is night, I've been doubling on twilight. I'm not mistaking about the way things are set up. Basically, last week I double-shifted on Tuesday and Friday. So, I picked up 2 extra shifts. At the end of the week, any shift after my 5th shift is OT. So, the 8 hours (twi & night) I worked Friday should be OT.