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    I am a new FT driver and with things slowing down I am now laid off, along with one other. We both have enough seniority to bump in on preload and local sort to get our 8 hours. The other driver has decided to work preload and file for unemployment. I know when you file for unemployment they ask you if you were available for work and if you turned down work. Isn't it considered being dishonest?
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    Unemployment Compensation rules vary by state. It may be that you can work half a day and still collect a partial Unemployment check.

    It may also be that you are under no obligation to bump someone else out of a job just because you can. The Unemployment Office may concider that counterproductive to their goal of keeping people working. You would just be passing the misery on to the next guy. Part-timers are people too.
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    Not to my knowledge. Like Jon said, it likely varies by state and also by supplement. I know here that you can deny 4 hours of inside work if you are a laid off driver. If you took a paycut going back inside (your reg PT inside rate), you can seek the difference in pay as well.
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    This happened to me in the past. I worked two sorts for six months,preload and local. The next year when it came up again I asked the unemployment office about it and it was deemed a hardship to drive to work twice a day(20 miles one way). I informed my supervisor about this and they found me 8 hours work all at once.:smart:
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    I am facing the same delimia. On page 177, last sentence of section 6 of the central states supplement it says. "If a laid-off, full-time employee elects to take a layoff rather than exercise his/her right to displace a part-time employee, he/she shall be considered a laid-off employee for lack of work for the purpose of employment compensation."

    I have heard that UPS will try and fight it, but the language is pretty clear to me any ways. Like was said in an earlier post, part-timers are people too. I used to go into the hub, it is a good work out, but they cut the pay last year, and what is to stop them from cutting again.

    If UPS is against this provision then why did they sign on to it by signing the contract.
  6. klein

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    as far as I'm concerned, unemployment will pay you more then working 4 hrs sorting or loading.
    Plus you save milage and gas money.

    Take the layoff, I would recommend.
    But, yes, I did forget, you then have no healthcare, - damm !
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    True but I can use the VA.
  8. klein

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    I am blessed, I live in 1 of over 190 countries that have national (government) healthcare.
    I get the same care if I was a CEO, or a homeless person on the street.

    We don't even pay a dime to see a doctor, regardless if you're working or not.
    Just show your Provincial healthcare card,and that's it.
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    I just typed a multi-paragraph response but hit the wrong button and it disappeared. I'm way to lazy to type all that again...Here's the abridged version

    Take the layoff. File for unemployment. Work the preload then go home and enjoy the rest of your day off. I know I did when it happened to me.

    It is completely honest, legal, and there's nothing UPS can do about it assuming:

    1. They didn't offer you work on the same shift you were working
    2. They didn't offer you the same pay

    You are being laid off from your shift. People have families, issues,prior commitments, etc. and you can not be expected (forced) to drop whatever you may have going on and work all night. That is NOT what you signed up for, it is not what you were doing. Also, they can and will cut your pay. Here it is to whatever the highest paid part timer is, but in other locations you will get your part time rate.

    So, work the preload and collect. You'll make more money that way anyway...
  10. cachsux

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    You`ve also been unemployed and living off others for 24 months. Don`t forget that fact when you hand out advice to others.
  11. wannabeups

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    Will working one shift hurt the unemployment? I think it affects their numbers or something if you draw unemployment. I don't want to make anyone mad but I have to do what is right for me.
  12. UPSGUY72

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    In MA you can make up to 1/3 of what you are collecting without it effecting you uneployment. So if your collecting $600 you can make $200 anything more than 1/3 they take away from what your collection ( make $220 only collet $580 ).
  13. John19841

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    Yeah...What he said
  14. bumped

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    Work the one shift and file partial unemployment. It keeps your benefits. Yes, working the one shift will affect your unemployment payout. You are not refusing work by bumping back inside. If they call you to drive, and you deny it that would be refusing work.
  15. UPSGUY72

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    You need to check about how many hour you need you work in order to keep your health insurance. In my local you need to work 160 hours one month and than you can be layed off for 5 months and still keep your health insurance. Than you need another month of 160 hours or you will be on cobra untill you have a month with more than 160 hours.
  16. wannabeups

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    That is a good idea, I looked on the KS web site it says you can make up to 25% of weekly benefit without cutting into Unemployment. They are ALWAYS trying to get you out of their in a hurry
  17. klein

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    Oh is that so ?
    I guess Canada is better then I thought.
    Unlimited unemployment benefits.

    What a great country up north !
  18. DS

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    Man,this makes you sound like a complete sponge.
    You travel the world and collect your air miles while on pogey.
    You fail to mention that your house is paid off,and you have substantial savings in the bank.
    Even so,I would feel like a leech doing what you do.
    I have worked 41 years and applied for UI only once and had a job before I saw any of it.
    You are NOT the average Canadian.Most of us have no desire to be on welfare when we are
    capable of working.Even your mother thinks you are a bit weird listening to her other son for advice
    on going on a cruise,when you have all the answers.Get me a deal on a flight to Edmonton so I can
    come out there and kick your ass.:)
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  19. klein

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    I`m not leeching a penny, DS.
    Unemployment ran out long, long ago !

    My savings are going down, down, and further down.
    I was planning to retire at age 53. 55 max.
    That has all changed now.
    I`ll need to go back to work, for another 5 or 6 years. To make up, for this early retirement break.
    And if it makes you feel even better, everytime I cash out some RRSP funds, 10% goes straight to income taxes, right off the bat.
    Actually, it`s 20% after $5000 withdrawel.

    Plus, I still pay my GST and property taxes on top of that all.

    But who really cares ? Don't care what other people think.
  20. UPSGUY72

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    What are you waiting for I would have found a job when my unemployment ran out any job. But than again I don't stop by the bar when I'm still on the clock.