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    There's a difference of opinion at our center regarding the color of shirt drivers are allowed to wear underneath thier ups shirts.I searched the ups code of conduct rules and can' find the answer.If anyone has the actual ups dress code rules,please copy and paste it for me.I'd love to prove our center manager wrong.
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    me thinks its white.
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    From my New Service Provider Training Manual:

    Rules and Regulations of Appearance

    Full-time and Part-time Service Providers/Feeder Drivers

    Section 5: T-shirts worn under the UPS uniform shirt must be brown or white. Undergarment sleeves must not extend beyond the shirt sleeves of the uniform. Turtlenecks must be brown or white. No shirts, sweaters, or other garments not of the UPS regulation uniform may be visible except dark brown (UPS brown). No undergarment shall extend beyond the throat of the shirt except turtleneck or mock turtleneck sweater worn underneath the uniform shirt.
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    Don't have the exact rules to paste, but I'm 99.9% positive that undershirts can be white OR brown.
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    Yep, that's the real deal. We have this posted on signs in the washrooms at our centre. Yet I continue to wear my blue thermal shirt in the winter, and yes I have had many arguments with our sup over it.
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    Definately white or brown
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    Thanks bc,unfortunately thats what our center manager said,I always thought it was black or white.:whiteflag:And DS....when its 50 below zero they wont say nuthin'...

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I'm wondering why you can't use "golden yellow" shirt under our dark drown uniforms, its a break from the norm but we now have that certain shade of yellow in our company logo.
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    Under Armour makes thermals in a brown that look great. They are not cheap but work good and last a long time. White gets dirty fast and looks bad, brown gets dirty but know one knows.
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    The area I work in still allows black tutrlenecks in the winter. Have been since I started.
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    its white or brown, it used to be black was OK. At Christmas I wear, pink, and Christmas decorated t necks also, no one has said anything. ....And I doubt they will, when its peak, alot goes unnoticed. (I even wear my hair down with ribbons, (dont tell), and bells on my shoes....)))))) Jingle bells!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Holidays!! and Merry Christmas
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    At driver training they told us 'white or brown.' in my center you could probably wear whatever undershirt you want and no one would care. However, I stick to white or brown.
  13. If black has always been accepted at your center and they decide to change it to only white and brown, then you could talk to your steward or business agent about filing a past practice grievance and see where it goes. I doubt the company wants to deal with it, so they will probably let it go.

    You don't have to give the bully your milk money, if the union is willing to do their job. :peaceful:
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    My route of 28 years is right on the south shore of Lake Erie. Since it's Ohio the temperatures fluctuate wildly. When I left for work it was fifty but around three it dropped like a stone. By six it was down to twenty and still dropping. The wind off Lake Erie was stripping me of any body heat I had.

    I popped into a dollar store and bought a hoody sweatshirt and wore it under my coat. It was gray and worked like a charm.

    The next morning I was pulled into the office and told that I was out of uniform on my route. I smiled, held out my arm and said slap it. My center manager said, "What?' and I told him to slap my wrist. I had been a bad boy and had held safety over the dress code.

    He told me to get out of the office.
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    You can forget about the "past practice" grievances since the contract passed.
    Everyone was so busy squabbling over the .35 raise and if/when we will get them/it the company slid alot of damaging language past us.
    The eliminating of the past practice language gives the company free rein to screw us with no recollection of the past. Eash day will be a "free for all" for the company.

    ......enjoy that .35 raise.
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    Sadly you are correct. It would seem (based on the presented vote counts) that many people saw the improved retirement plan and raises and grabbed a pen and went straight for the "yes" box on their ballots. I actually took the time to sit down (ended up laying down after about 10 minutes) and read over ALL of the proposed changes in the contract so I ended up voting no.

    Sticking to the subject of the dress code.....I wear the undershirts that are worn by the Army under their new uniform shirts. They wear an "off white" looking color or light brown. I wear the light brown. I like them because they don't stick to my skin in the summer as much as most regular t-shirts. We have plenty of drivers that have made their own additions to the uniform and most get away with it. Management seems to target the younger drivers on that issue but even that is rare.
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    It's always been brown or white here. I don't have it in writing but that is what they say. Like others have stated when it is cold they usually don't say anything as long as it is not outrageous.