Driver accused of theft..

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Andwhett, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Your in a tough position. It's going to be a district call on saving you. What that means is you will not know the person who decides your fate. Your center manager may do the firing but now that LP is involved it's really out of his hands. If I were you don't even go down the road as why it was not flagged high value . It makes no difference. I really hope the best for you and being a scratch driver might not help but not being a problem driver might. You will get a chance at a hearing to tell your story which will be your best shot at saving your job. Keep the head up. I had 35 + years at ups many in union and many more in management . I think you may get to keep your job , but it going to be a fight.
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    In a situation like that I would sign my own name. Signing someone else’s, regardless of the reason, is forgery/dishonesty. Signing and clarifying your own name is a methods violation, with the customers disability being a legitimate justification.
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    Yeah but only sign for something if you're willing to pay for it.
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    I often wonder this to myself. 99% of our customers use world ship. If they insure a package for over a grand, worldship needs to automatically add on "adult signature required".

    I have an account that still uses the books and regularly ships out $1200 packages.
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    God forbid you take the extra 30 seconds to scan an info notice LOLOLOLOLOL
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    One time I misdelivered a vacuum to a ratty trailer. The street wasn't marked and was before GPS baloney. Wnet back the next day and asked them for the PKG I left there the previous day.

    They denied ever getting it. I responded that I left it right on the porch, pointed to where I left it and reminded them that even though it was left on their porch, it's still theft if it didn't belong to them and I would be returning with the police.

    They told me to hold on a second.

    Brought the vacuum out that they had used put back into the box as best as they could I guess.

    Took it to the right place and the customer accepted it lol.
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    I’ve had customers leave me notes saying “please leave my package, thank you!” But their package happens to be wine from some vineyard. If I’m not in a hurry I’ll leave them a note explaining why they need to sign for their package. I come back for attempt number 3 to see a note; “Dear UPS man. I will not be home to sign for this, could you please sign it for me and leave it on my back porch. Toodles!”

    Riiight lady. I’m not risking my job so you can have your cheap bottle of wine. Stop ordering stuff you have no way of receiving... So I leave a ‘final attempt’ info notice. This customer hates my guts now for doing my job.
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    You think being a scratch driver matters when you sign for packages that go missing? You never ever do that. Time to apply at mcdonalds

    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    What was the size and or weight of missing package?

    12K for a single phone or watch is kind of high..just saying..

    If it was a high end residence I would be presuming that they would have a security camera in place...

    Best of luck at your hearing..
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    If it is worth 12k, it has to be declared value of 12k.
    Otherwise, lability is only for the standard $100
  12. bumped

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    The best thing the OP has going for himself is that's its peak.
  13. Andwhett

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    Terminated for article 52, dishonesty. Steward had me not sign anything. And said I’ll be back within 2 weeks.

    What’s the accuracy of this?
  14. Scratch drivers get a shorter suspension than an hour over driver.
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    i accuse you
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  16. silenze

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    You will find out in 2 weeks. No one can tell you the outcome. Beg for your job back. Follow the methods.
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    You’re better off asking the magic 8 ball .
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    You’re lucky that peak is coming. They are desperate for bodies this time of year. All the time you are out gives your management team more time to train people on the work you would have been doing. I’d put money on what your steward told you, perhaps even three or four weeks. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s moving forward.
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    Mine keeps saying Shake again
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    I sign my own name, then I call my on car and tell him. I never make a mark for anyone other than me.