Driver accused of theft..

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Andwhett, Nov 10, 2018.

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    I would make him hold a finger out and rub the board across it
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    Sign it :

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  4. BigUnionGuy

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    The "supposed value" is almost irrelevant at this point.

    If you have admitted to signing for it.... that will be the main issue.

    Don't bet the farm, on that making a difference.

    Sounds like a Local level hearing.

    If they gloss over the whole "signing for it" thing, then you are faced with the

    company trying to have you reimburse them for any monies they have paid out.

    In order to do that.... they must serve you with an Article 10 letter of their

    intent to collect or seek discipline.

    "No employee shall be disciplined or required to make reimbursement for lost or damaged parcels unless the Employer demonstrates that the employee, without justification or mitigation, violated pertinent established rules or policies, the observance of which would have prevented the loss or damage."

    "An employee who is charged for loss or damage by the Employer shall not be subject to both discipline and reimbursement. The Employer will clearly notify the employee and the Union of its intent to either discipline or seek reimbursement. No employee shall be subject to discipline or reimbursement unless the Employer brings the loss or damage to the employee’s attention within fifteen (15) business days after receiving a written shipper notice of claim."

    The company is the "moving party" and are required to prove the amount they

    paid on an insurance claim. There are so many established company policies

    that were violated (by the company) reimbursement is unlikely, unless you agree to it.

    Discharge/Termination for signing for the package, might be the route they

    take.. and as long as you don't have a history of doing it.. there is a very low

    chance a termination would stick. Suspension ? Oh yeah.

    You didn't actually steal it.... right ?


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    Probably be different everywhere. Like BUG pointed out, discipline or monetary reimbursement was basically what was presented to me. Steward involved the whole way. When all was said and done it was just as easy to slow down and stay out late every Tuesday and make an extra hour of OT, almost making the company reimburse themselves was what we decided. Mine was ten grand less than yours though, so like I said, things may be different.
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  9. john chesney

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    Please explain signed for a package for a customer as he requested. Who is he the customer?
  10. KOG72

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  11. rod

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    Oh the stupid stuff a person does when they are a rookie. When I started you needed a signature on EVERYTHING unless it had a Release Number on it. (579-412 ---Rel. Number 214). I got into the bad habit of making up release numbers. Long story short I made up one for a $100 box of baby clothes and got caught when it turned out I had left it at the wrong house and the 2 parties were feuding. It didn't help that we had just had a baby. I got fired --signed what I considered termination papers-- and had the fun job of telling my wife I was out of a job. Three days later the center managers calls me and asks if I had learned my lesson--if so-- come back. Old Rod was pretty humble for awhile after that. I had to pay the $100 claim because the feuding neighbor wouldn't give up that package. On one hand I was really happy to get my job back---on the other hand I was really pissed that the center manager put me through that emotional stress at that time in my life. Justice could have been served with a week or two of being suspended knowning I hadn't totally lost the job over a hundred bucks worth of baby clothes. .
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  12. DOK

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    Guy in our center did the exact same thing with a high value, terminated and lost his job at panel. He was a problem driver though.

    I was told a long time ago my stylus is to never touch the signature screen unless I’m signing to confirm my cod’s.
  13. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Wow @rod that center manager needed an ass kicking.
  14. zubenelgenubi

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    The neighbors committed theft by retaining a misdelivered package. Should have showed up on one of your suspension days with the Sheriff. I think I remember you mentioned this story before, were the neighbors the people you got payback on over the years?
  15. Andwhett

    Andwhett New Member

    No I didn’t steal the package, The package wasn’t placed in high value, And this is the first time anything like this has ever happened.

    What is meant by chance a termination would stick?
  16. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    Sometimes employees get terminated and the union gets them their job back.
  17. Andwhett

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    I understand now, thanks.
  18. Sissy Brown Short Shorts

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    You’re either fired or going to be giving up a percentage of your check for the rest of your career paying that package back. Had a buddy a few years ago sign for an iPhone and Apple Watch (1,800$) and the idiot misdelivered it. Boss told him to find it or not show up tomorrow. Risking all that so you don’t have to waste two minutes the next day making another attempt. Was it worth it?
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  20. Analbumcover

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    Still, I'd be very very curious as to why a $12k package wasn't identified as high value.
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