Driver canned for roll-away


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We had a driver in my center fired for a roll-away. Any hope on him getting his job back? It's only happened one other time to my knowledge and the guy then didin't get his job back. Just wondering.


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Although roll-a-ways have always been automatic terminations, no matter what seniority is, it has always been on a case-by-case discriminatory basis. In other words, some get their jobs back, some don't.

You always have to try, tho.
Well, it can happen that he be re-instated but not likely. Depends on the details such as years of safe driving, vehicle condition, or other circumstances surrounding the incident. I have seen two other drivers in our center get their jobs back.
In fact, I was once fired over a roll-away and got my job back with a 10 days suspension without pay. However, the management team did not follow proper procedures when firing me, so I survived on a technicality. Seems that once you have been removed from service, they can't instruct you to do company work.
I hope no one was injured or no damage done.


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Last year we too had a roll-away took out a porch.
Since we have a full time preload, that driver was able to get a job back, but no longer is able to bid on a driving job.


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I've seen the rollaway thing go both ways. I hope no one was injured. If the driver got their job back it took a month or 2 suspension.


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We had a new driver have a roll-away. But he is a really fast unloader so they put him back in preload and 5 months later he drives again.

Also had a guy flip his truck and was only off for 3 days.


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I agree, it depends on how much damage and how much they like the driver. I saw them change the rules depending on the driver.


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Just like anything else at UPS, depends on who you are and what your management team thinks of you. I've seen people who are known runners/break skippers get their job back in less than a week after a rollaway (3 days suspension). If I ever had a rollaway I'm pretty sure UPS would want me to serve life in prison, nevermind getting my job back.


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That's not a good situation to be in . We had a guy almost 20 years ago that let one roll, he ended up with a 5 day vacation. 2 years later he was in management.

BTW, he's still with the company and doing a very good job.


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A few years ago we had a driver who was eating in a McDonalds and his P7 rolled out into the intersection and hit a car with a pregnant woman in it. The woman wasn't hurt, but the driver was immediantely fired. He got his job back a couple of months later, he had to go to an arbitration panel in Florida. He used to be a Runner too. A couple of years after that he had to get rehab for his drinking problem he would go through a twelve-pack after work and still smell like beer in the morning. He is still with us, and sober now, but he doesn't run anymore.

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Many years ago we had a driver have a roll away 40 miles from town. He had to get a ride back to town from someone and we never saw him again.


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the driver should be canned for failure to follow the proper methods to prevent that from happenning, but somehow, the union slugs will get him his job back

Hey genius, if you guys followed your own stupid methods you wouldn't have this problem.

What is SO hard to comprehend about management doing what they say instead of following this "do as I say, not as I do" philosophy. If you guys followed everything correctly and don't have a technicality like in trip's case - don't worry about it, I'm sure the panel will rule in your favor.

Go manage at fedex if you can't handle the heat of the union. You got anymore to cry about?


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here a good story for you, i quess it was 2 years ago or so. we had a truck roll away at the center, and go into a ditch. at break couple of us reloaders started taking pics with are cells phone. the next day i get called into the office and get a verbal blasting over taking the pics. Nothing was said to the driver cause the e-brake had broken. was still funny seeing a p1000 back wheels off the ground.

long story short make sure the truck was in proper working order and ups has the service records for the truck.

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First let me say I think a roll away is a serious concern,whether it is mechanical or driver error,very hard to imagine being in this situation, but could very easily be me or you tomorrow.Is some sort of discipline out of line?Probably not.With that being said,at first glance of typicalunionslugs comment I admit to being a little offended,being reffered to as such(being the typicalunionslug that I am). But then I thought about how we all know supes don't screw up and that their flawless execution of duties is what keeps this company afloat.Iv'e managed to make it 15 safe years so far and have seen 7 center manager's come and go,countless on car supes and PT supes, and this typicalunionslug is still here leaving slimey tracks.I guess Iv'e kept my dues paid up.