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  1. riddler

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    Hey everybody,

    Quick question: At what number of hours does a Driver's Helper receive overtime?

    Detailed description of what prompts the question:
    According to UPS, I worked 19.75 hours last week over four days. On those four days I worked for two different drivers.
    For one driver, I worked four days, four hours each day (10am-2pm).
    For the other driver, I worked one day (following one of the four hour stints) for an additional 3.75 hours (2:15pm-6pm) for a total of 7.75 hours on that day.
    In my paycheck, I received 18.75 hours straight pay and 1 hour at the overtime rate.

    (If I'm supposed to receive overtime for the above scenario,) I can't figure out how I received only 1 hour of overtime.

    Can anybody help? Perhaps cite a source?
  2. laborer

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    I'm in the Southern region and they pay OT after 8 hrs of work each day.
  3. StopTheAct

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    yea,, after 8 of the day... or the 6th report day is time and a Half!!!
    good luck,, i hope you get a few hours!!!
  4. blue efficacy

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    Around here it is over 40 for the week. No free OT for friday if you work a sun-thurs shift at teh hub either.
  5. riddler

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    So how did I receive overtime?
  6. upsgrunt

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    It comes on the same check as the regular hours worked.